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The membership page is page on that updates every month, showing (or hinting) what will happen during that month or the next month.




  • Explore the spooky Haunted House at the Halloween Party.
  • Get creative with the costumes in the Monster Maker 3000.
  • Enter the Halloween Igloo Decorating contest for big prizes.
  • Dressup as a superhero in Squidzoid vs Shadow Guy and Gamma Gal.


  • Play the new Card-Jitsu Fire game.
  • Access the new Fire Dojo room and continue your journey.
  • Dress up as a bug at this month's play.
  • Explore the Great Snow Maze (and find a hidden prize).


  • Discover a sleigh adventure at this month's Christmas Party.
  • Get creative for new costume and furniture-just in time for the Christmas Igloo Decorating Contest
  • Explore Rockhopper's Ship and get rare Christmas items.
  • Access the Fire Dojo and play Card-Jitsu Fire



  • Become your favorite character in Fairy Fables at the Stage.
  • Explore a mysterious new secret area.
  • Make the shirt that's best for you with the T-shirt maker at the Gift Shop.
  • Decorate your home with all new prehistoric igloo items.


  • New pet furniture for your puffles.
  • New clothing styles to show you're a puffle fan.
  • A Puffle Show - starring your puffles.
  • A surprise all puffle fans need to see to believe.


  • Party Backstage at the Penguin Play Awards.
  • The chance to meet Aunt Arctic or Cadence at the Awards.
  • Special levels and challenges in a new game.
  • Unlock a mysterious secret room.


  • Celebrate Earth Day by helping Club Penguin grow.
  • Dress to impress with the latest environmental fashions.
  • Get creative with new eco-friendly furniture and flooring for your igloo.


  • Explore TWO Knight's Quests - discover secrets, adventures and surprises.
  • Celebrate the Medieval Party with fashions fit for knights and dragons.
  • Create a medieval adventure in your igloo with new igloo designs and furniture.


  • Join the EPF and unlock features of the new EPF Spy Phone.
  • Access top secret Elite Penguin Force items and gear.
  • Hunt for new outfits and rare items to get you set for the Island Adventure Party.
  • Take on your buddies in an exclusive ship battle room.


  • Get your All Access Pass and party inside exclusive rooms like the new Casa Fiesta and Backstage.
  • Customize you band with instruments and outfits.
  • Upgrade your exclusive EPF gear when you earn Field Ops medals.


  • Earn lots more Stamps with exclusive challenges.
  • Customize your Stamp Book the way YOU like it.
  • Climb a dangerous mountain filled with mystery at the new Mountain Expedition.


  • Perform with your puffle inside the Great Puffle Circus tent.
  • Earn more stamps with special challenges, and customize your Stamp Book.
  • Create unique igloo parties with customizable furniture.


First page
  • Decorate your igloo and throw parties for your friends.
  • Dress up your penguin in all the latest looks.
  • Discover the mysteries and myths of being a ninja.
  • Protect the island and earn the latest secret agent gear.
Second page
  • Create creepy costume combination for your perfect Halloween outfit.
  • Decorate your igloo, and enter the Halloween igloo Contest for a change at big prizes.
  • Explore the spooky Haunted House, or the menacing Dark Chamber during the Halloween Party.
  • Earn special Halloween Stamps, and customize your Stamp Book.



  • Stretch & shrink in Zany Dimension.
  • Get exclusive wacky costumes.
  • Enter the craaaziest igloo design in the Igloo Contest.
  • Coming soon: new rare animal costumes for Earth Day.


  • Show off your wild side with rare animal costumes.
  • Create your animal habitat with Wildlife Den igloo.
  • Complete your igloo with Earth Day-inspired furniture.
  • Coming in May: Prepare ye for an epic medieval story.



  • Need an Imperial Trooper Helmet? Members, check out the Penguin Style.
  • Members can make secret plans in Ezra's Hideout Igloo starting Jan 15.
  • Members can quest for special outfits, lightsabers, & more Jan 22 - Feb 4.





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