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Penguins who have membership can dress up in various clothing that are for members and non-members, decorate their igloo, adopt up to 50 puffles, have more choices, be able to enter rooms or servers that are full to non-members, and go to exclusive parties. Members can get clothes not only from the Clothes Shop, but if they are EPF agents, then they can buy clothes from the Elite Gear. Also, if they are a ninja, they can get ninja furniture, buy a hand gong, and get a ninja costume from the Martial Artworks catalog. Another thing members can get is the key to the underwater room (located at the hidden lake). Simply, a membership results in many additional features. The main countries for membership are the US, Canada, India, the UK, and Australia. When a penguin becomes a member, a "member badge" will appear in the upper left corner of their Player Card. Member badges can vary according to how long you have been a member on Club Penguin.

Membership benefits

The Features of having a Membership.


The Buy Now sign which brings you up to the Membership page.

Member Badge Stripe Code

  • Badge Level 1: 0-6 Months = Member Badge appears
  • Badge Level 2: 7-12 Months = Member Badge with a blue stripe
  • Badge Level 3: 13-18 Months = Member Badge with blue and orange stripes
  • Badge Level 4: 19-24 Months = Member Badge with white, blue and orange stripes
  • Badge Level 5: 25+ Months = Member Badge with white, blue, orange stripes and a star

People in other countries can still buy membership. The USD or INR currency will be converted into their country's currency once bought.

Membership Prices

There are three options to choose from - the monthly instalment, the 6-month instalment or the annual instalment. The annual option is cheaper over a long term period; however, many users prefer to use monthly, as they can cancel it after any period. On July 13, 2011, Club Penguin increased all membership prices.

Memberships can be purchased online (as can gift certificates), or residents of the United States, Brazil, the European Union and the United Kingdom may purchase a membership card.


  • If players bought a membership between December 9–31, 2010, they would get free coins, 1,000 coins for every month.
  • In November 2011, there was a glitch where everyone had the Member sign with stripes and a star. However, they still did not get any membership privileges and they could not see the badges by themselves. This glitch was eventually fixed around late February to early March 2012.
  • The Mexican prices for the membership are wrong. The 1 month membership costs around 60 Mexican Pesos when compared to US dollars, which is $4.60.
  • In July 2012, exclusive membership 3 month cards came to the U.S. with codes that unlocked items online. The items were a Speed Boat, a guitar, and a Bubblegum Cheerleader Outfit.
  • Club Penguin donates 20% of membership revenue to charity.
  • If players bought a membership for 12 months between December 13, 2012 and January 2, 2013, they could get the bonus Holiday Party Pack, including the code for "Cool In The Cold" and 5,000 coins.
  • Even though the Norwegian bank (Norway's Bank) formally removed the 0.50NOK coin, its still quite common to find membership cards with the old price (48.50NOK) in some game stores like GameStop (as of January 2013).
  • There was a 18 month membership that was so far only on sale during the Holiday Party 2012.
  • If you bought a 1 month membership between Nov. 28, 2013 0:00 GMT to Dec. 11, 2013 23:59 GMT, you would get another 1 month membership gift code.
  • If you bought a 1 month membership between Apr. 2, 2014 0:00 GMT to Apr. 30, 2014 23:59 GMT, you would get another 1 month membership gift code. But it was with some conditions that you can redeem the gift code if you were not a member from last 90 days.

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