Bobbi Jean Rieger
Bobbi Jean

Full Name Bobbi Jean Rieger
Born August 20th[1]
Position Associate Community Manager, Social Media Contractor, Blogger
Joined Club Penguin April 13, 2013
Penguin Name Megg

Megg (real name Bobbi Jean Rieger) is a moderator in Club Penguin Island, as well as a social media staff member, blogger and formerly a Club Penguin intern to Polo Field and Ninja.

Megg Takeover

The Megg Takeover was a small event in Club Penguin, happening from January 24 to January 27, 2014. Planned back in December 2013, the game's community intern, Megg, took over as temporary owner of the game for that weekend, replacing Spike Hike. She also took control of staff Twitter accounts and persuaded players to dress up as her.



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