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C Megalodon
Scientific name Carcharodon/Carcharocles megalodon
Similar creatures Great White Shark
Appeared Iceberg
Scary Ice
(Prehistoric Parties 2013 & 2014)
Villain HQ
(Marvel Super Hero Takeover 2013)
(Inside Out Party)
Club Penguin: Monster Beach Party
Predators Other Megalodon
Prey All ocean life

Megalodon is a prehistoric shark that lived from the Oligocene to the Pleistocene epoch. It first appeared during the Prehistoric Party 2013 trapped inside the Iceberg, at the time called Scary Ice, where it would sometimes open its mouth. The shark was immobile, but would move its eyes when you drill in its proximity. At the Prehistoric Party 2014 the shark somehow escaped the Iceberg. If you go to the Iceberg you will not see it there, only an empty space where it once was, leaking into the water. There was also an article in the Club Penguin Times that said there have been sightings of a mysterious creature swimming near the Iceberg, possibly the megalodon. It is believed that changes made in the past caused the ice to grow weaker over time, allowing the megalodon to break out of the Iceberg in present times.

According to Lorna's book in Club Penguin: Monster Beach Party, Megalodon just wants to have a friend and has no intention of harming anybody.

Species info

Megalodon is a prehistoric shark from the Cenozoic era that lived approximately 28-1.5 million years ago at a maximum length of 50 feet.[1] It is a deadly predator, being the largest species of shark known.


  • It still exists in the waters of Club Penguin.
  • One was sighted by Rockhopper and described to be larger than his ship.[source needed]
  • In the Club Penguin Times, there have been rumors of a big creature swimming around, which is likely the megalodon. It can be seen every hour at the Iceberg, swimming in the water, and making a deep growling noise.
  • On the front page of issue #464 of the Club Penguin Times, there is an article written by Gary about the megalodon. He says that the megalodon escaped due to increased volcanic activity that made Scary Ice warmer, allowing the megalodon to escape.
  • It is one of Rockhopper's worst fears.
  • The party in Club Penguin: Monster Beach Party was renamed to Megalodon Month Celebration after discovering Megalodon only wanted to have a friend and join in with the fun.
  • The Megalodon may be male, because in Club Penguin: Monster Beach Party, it is referred to as "he".



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