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Medieval Party 2012
Medieval Parties logo

Members only? Scorn's Revenge, Mountain of Misery, Bridge, Quest II & Quest III
When May 17–30, 2012
Free Item(s) See Free Items
Location Club Penguin Island
Mascot(s) Gary

The Medieval Party 2012 was a party on Club Penguin, which began on May 17, 2012 and ended on May 30, 2012. During the party the entire island was decorated. All the Knight's Quests were accessible, while the first quest was accessible for Non-Member. Members could also defeat Scorn the Dragon King in a new quest, which was accessible from the Ski Hill.


Free items

Image Item Location Members only?
9139 icon Gary Medieval Giveaway By meeting Gary No
Noble Helmet clothing icon ID 1400 Noble Helmet Ski Hill No
Iron Armor clothing icon ID 4219 Iron Armor* Ye Knight's Quest (And Princesses too!) No
Clothing Icon 5058 Staff and Shield* Ye Knight's Quest (And Princesses too!) No
Iron Helmet clothing icon ID 1146
Iron Helmet* Ye Knight's Quest (And Princesses too!) No
Clothing Icon 5148 Skyward Staff Sky Kingdom Yes
Scorn Crown Pin Crown of the Dragon King Pin* Mountain of Misery No
Battle Cape icon Battle Cape* Bridge No
* were available for non-members after May 24


Main article: Medieval Catalog#2012 Items


From Disney's UK Website:
Heroes Needed! Scorn the Dragon King, the evil Dragon King has taken over Club Penguin, leaving the entire island in a state of destruction, dark shadows, and ruins...
Join your friends on Club Penguin, gather your forces and rise up together to reclaim your land! Membership heroes can search for the magical items from three islands on the new quest map. Visit the Fairy Forest, the Mushroom Kingdom, and the Royal Kingdom Ruins. Collect all the scavenger hunt parts, challenge Scorn, and reclaim the magical Sky Kingdom! Help defeat the evil Dragon King!



  • In the first morning, there was a very bad glitch. All free items were for Members only, you could not go to the Sky Kingdom, and you could not do the quests. In the afternoon (on May 17, 2012), the glitch was removed. This glitch returned again on May 19, 2012.
  • There was a glitch where Non-Members could do Ye Knight's Quest 2 and Ye Knights Quest 3. This glitch was later removed.
  • There was a glitch where a limited amount of Non-Members could get the Medieval Party 2012 Scavenger Hunt and defeat Scorn the Dragon King.
  • There was a glitch that the music in the Cove and the Iceberg have the same music from the Puffle Party 2012. This glitch wasn't removed.
  • There was a glitch in the Dragon's Path where you would hear a screeching noise if a rock tumbled down and if you went into the second cave (the higher one), it would happen there, too. This glitch was never fixed.
  • There was also a glitch at the beginning of the party where if you waved while wearing only the Thunder Blade, you would turn Old Blue, wear a gray belt, and do a Card-Jitsu pose while the sword floated in mid-air.
  • If you click Gary and click your player card quickly, Gary is in your player card with the items you were wearing.



Sneak Peeks


Home page

Login Screens

Logoff Screens



After Scorn is defeated

This phase only occurred for players when they defeated Scorn, and the party was into its second week.

Ye Knight's Quests

Ye Knight's Quest (and princesses too!)

Ye Knight's Quest 2

Ye Knight's Quest 3


Membership pop ups


Names in other languages

Language Name
PortugueseFesta Medieval 2012
FrenchFête Médiévale 2012
SpanishFiesta Medieval 2012
GermanMittelalter Party 2012
Russian N/A



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