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EPF Medal Spy Drills

The medal's icon in Spy Drills
Is it seen right now? Yes
Type Currency
Party None
Where? Missions, Field-Op, Spy Drills (full)
Were you looking for the medals that you earn by completing missions?

Medals are awards that EPF Agents earn by completing missions of the Elite Penguin Force. Medals are used as a currency in the Elite Gear, and certain stamps are also available by earning them.

Earning Medals

Medals can be earned by the following ways.


There are also 5 stamps you can get by getting 1, 5, 10, 25, and 50 medals. The stamps are earned by the number of the total medals earned, and not by the number of the current available medals.

Stamp Number of Medals
Field Agent stamp 1
Special Agent stamp 5
Special Forces stamp 10
Elite Protector stamp 25
Island Guardian stamp 50

Party Medals

Some medals were obtainable during ceratin events. They are listed below:


Main article: Elite Gear#Items

The Elite Gear is the only place where medals are used as a currency. There, EPF agents can buy items from the different sets available.


  • 336 medals are needed to buy all of the elite items (69 medals before the update on April 5, 2013).
  • The Elite Gear prices were increased on April 5, 2013, however, they became slightly easier to earn. The price of all items was increased by 5 times, except for the EPF Earpiece, Alpha Headset and the Delta Headset, which was multiplied by 2.


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