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Mechanical Woodchopper
Woodchopper klutzy
Is it seen right now? No
Type Woodchopper
Party None
Where? Herbert's Base

The Mechanical Woodchopper was Herbert's first known machine that he made (excluding the Electromagnet 3000). He made it from the broken pieces of the Prototype Sled.


Spoiler warning: Plot and/or ending details follow.
Herbert made the Mechanical Woodchopper so he could chop down the Ski Lodge, not just for wood but to stop penguins from making noise. The plan backfired when the Woodchopper's direction was reversed (after distracting Herbert with a Seaweed Pizza), so it went backwards, plummeting both Herbert and Klutzy to the Outback Pond.


  • In Mission 8, Herbert said, "AND NO REVERSE THIS TIME!" when he used his Earthquake Driller, making a reference to the Mechanical Woodchopper reversing into the Outback Pond.
  • After the Mission ended, it is unknown if the Woodchopper was rescued or was left in the lake to rot.

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