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Marshmallow frozen

Full Name Marshmallow
Species Snowman
Gender Male
Position Guardian of Elsa's Ice Palace
Appeared Frozen Party
Color White/Blue
Clothes Items Marshmallow Costume
Related To Olaf
Friends With Elsa
Meetable Character? No
Voiced/ Played By Paul Briggs

Marshmallow is a monster-like snowman who is loyal to Elsa. He also serves as the guardian of Elsa's Ice Palace and is the "brother" of Olaf.


When turned into a Marshmallow you could do different kinds of dances. Here are some:

Dance button: Press D or the dance button to roar

Wave button: Press W or the wave button you could make an Snow Angel (The Snow Angel won't be left there after it is done)

Snowball button: Press T or the Snowball icon to freeze stuff (You can also throw Freezing Snowballs as a Penguin once you collected the Snow flakes)


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