Didier Thevenon-Gleed

Full Name Didier Thevenon-Gleed
Born Unknown
Position Customer Support Representative, Moderator, and French Blogger
Joined the team March 2009
Left the team June 2015
Penguin Name Loustik005

Loustik005 (real name Didier Thevenon-Gleed)[1] was a blogger for the French What's New Blog. He was also the main French moderator and held some events for French users.

Mercredi Loustik

Mercredi Loustik is a party held every Wednesday by Loustik005. It first took place during the Prehistoric Party 2013. It is the only weekly event held by a moderator that does not have an alliteration (i.e., Moose Monday), and it is the same if translated to English (translated it means "Loustik Wednesday").



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