Looking For Clues
Looking for clues
Number Mission 4
Characters You, The Director, Dot, Jet Pack Guy
From Club Penguin: Elite Penguin Force
Games None
New Elite Puffles None
Special Places Command Room

Looking for Clues is the fourth EPF Mission in the Club Penguin: Elite Penguin Force game. In this mission, you must gather clues on Gary the Gadget Guy, who has recently gone missing.


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At the beginning of the mission, The Director, Dot, and Jet Pack Guy meet with you in the Command Room to discuss the recent disappearance of Gary the Gadget Guy. The Director tells you about Gary, and gives you case files about him. You ask about him to Dot and Jet Pack Guy, who tell you more information. You then must ask around the island for clues, by showing the files to various citizens, who tell you what they know. Oddly, nuts and bolts can be seen all around the island. After showing the case files to the Sport Shop Assistant, he gives you an old pair of Gary's Glasses. You then return to the HQ, and use the glasses to open the Gadget Room. After searching through the room, you find something sticking out of a drawer, a device called the Mechano-Duster. You attach it to your Spy Gadget, gaining a new upgrade. Following hints from citizens from earlier, you head to the top of the Ski Hill, where you come across a pile of snow. You use the Mechano-Duster to clear away the snow, revealing various objects, including a bent key. You go back to the Sport Shop, where Dot is investigating. You tell her you have the key, and she gives you space to open the door. While trying to open the key breaks, much to your dismay. Dot tells you not to take it so hard, as she knows how it can be fixed.


  • You can skip right to the Gadget Room from the beginning of the mission if you already have Gary's Glasses and are replaying the mission. This makes the mission a lot shorter.
  • This is the only time you can wear Gary's glasses.
  • It is optional to go to the Lighthouse, Beacon, and Pizza Parlor to find some clues about what G did before he disappeared.


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