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Lodge Attic

Where The top story of the Ski Lodge
Opened April 27, 2006 [1]
Closed Still Open
Mini-Games Find Four
Room ID 221
Tour Description
This is the Lodge Attic. Lost of cozy couches here... and plenty of Find Four games. The rocking horse, though... I dunno.

The Lodge Attic is the top story of the Ski Lodge; it is only accessed through a ladder. However, it was not released at the same time as the Ski Lodge - primarily being built to have more places to play Find Four. Due to its somewhat hidden entrance, not many penguins are aware of it, though it was not created with the intention of it being a secret room. A bunch of snow was stored in the Lodge Attic in January 2007 and March 2009 for the Festival of Snow and Snow Sculpture Showcase 2009.


  • During the 2007 to 2008 Christmas parties, the top of the giant tree was poking out from the floor or the Lodge Attic.
  • During the 2008 April Fool's Day Party, the Attic looked like it was made using Microsoft Paint.
  • During the Medieval Parties, the Lodge Attic was a pink castle and had water fountains.
  • In the Penguin Games '08, the Lodge Attic couches were red and blue. They supported the colors of the teams and only the teams that supported the color sat on the couch.
  • After the Christmas Party 2008, snow was stored here.


  • For about a month and a half after the Christmas Party 2006, the snow from the Christmas Party was stored in the Lodge Attic, kept at a low temperature by the AC 3000. That snow was used in the Festival of Snow. It came back after Christmas Party 2008.
  • There is an uncommon glitch when you play Find Four. When you go to the table, it will ask you whether do you want to play or not. If you click no, you will be stuck and you can't move your penguin and if you try to use the map to get out, it will say Please exit the game before exiting the room(Although you are not playing). The only way to correct this glitch is to log off.
  • The Attic opened April 27, 2006, the day Find Four was released.
  • Its swf name is attic.
  • It used to be the only place to play Find Four during the Puffle Party 2012.











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