Living Sled Penguins

Full Name Scared Penguin, Frightened Penguin
Species Penguin
Position Actors
Appeared Night of the Living Sled, Night of the Living Sled 2, Night of the Living Sled 3, Night of the Living Sled 4, Night of The Living Sled Live.
Color Pink and Aqua (in Penguin Times)
Clothes Items None
Related To N/A
Friends With Evil Scientist (as of Night of the Living Sled 4)
Meetable Character? No

The Living Sled Penguins are two penguins that get chased around by the Living Sled. These penguins have been seen in every episode of The Night of the Living Sled. They were called Frightened Penguin and Scared Penguin in the Live version.

Night of the Living Sled series

They have been seen running from the Sled in every Sled movie.

Night of the Living Sled

When the Sled was born it was seen chasing them one at a time.

Night of the Living Sled II

Now there are two penguins running from the sled. When they arrive at an igloo, they see the sled and barricade the window, not knowing that the sled used the front door.

Night of the Living Sled III

After running from the Sled, the two run up Ski Mountain, then it turns out they have been beaten up there and now sled down the mountain. Crashing into a rock, the two land in a pile of snow and think they finally lost the sled, but then the sled appears, and the movie ends.

Night of the Living Sled IV

They were still being chased by the sled, when they went into the Evil Scientist's lab. They decided to set a decoy penguin to buy them some time to escape, but the sled got in as soon as they finished. The penguins and the Evil Scientist run from the sled, being chased.


  • In a newspaper, it notably shows Gary playing with a Living Sled action figure, an aqua penguin action figure, and a pink penguin action figure. This means that the living sled penguins could be Aqua and Pink.
    • This is most likely false, because when Night of the Living Sled was made, Aqua didn't exist.
      • However, it is possible that the penguin is Aqua, similar to how only Sensei is Sensei Gray.


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