This page lists stamps obtainable by playing System Defender. The stamps were first released on January 14, 2011, and there are currently 16 available.

Name Description Released Date Difficulty Image
Ready For DutyFinish G's tutorialJanuary 14, 2011EasyReady For Duty stamp
Garbage DisposalDestroy 100 enemies in 1 levelEasyStamps 300 Garbage Disposal
Bug OverloadProtect the EPF mainframe from rogue bugsEasyBug Overload stamp for infobox
Strategic SuccessDestroy 100 enemies without upgrading cannonsMediumStrategic Success stamp
Mono MechanicComplete a game with only one type of cannonMediumMono Mechanic stamp
Tactical ProDestroy 100 enemies without taking damageMediumTactical Pro stamp
Master MechanicFill every open socket with a cannonMediumMaster Mechanic stamp
Herbert AttacksComplete the level 'Herbert AttacksMediumHerbert Attack stamp
Klutzy AttackProtect the EPF mainframe from KlutzyMediumKlutzy Attack stamp
Strategic MasterDestroy 250 enemies without upgradingHardStamp 310
Tactical AceDestroy 250 enemies without taking damageHardTactical Ace stamp
Test Bot TrioProtect the EPF mainframe from the Test BotsHardTestbot Trio stamp 2
Protobot AttackProtect the EPF mainframe from Ultimate ProtobotHardProtobot Attack Stamp
Energy 9999unreleasedN/AHardEnergy 9999 stamp
Track HerbertComplete the Level 'Track Herbert'August 18, 2011ExtremeTrack Herbert Stamp
Strategic 318unreleasedN/AExtremeStamp 318
Strategic ExpertunreleasedExtremeStamps 316

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