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List of Parties and Events in 2014

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Below is a List of Parties and Events in 2014.

Party/event Logo Start Date End Date Free Items Notes Characters Locations and the Special/Added Party Rooms
New Year's Day 2014NoneJanuary 1January 4NoneNoneNoneSnow Forts
Prehistoric Party 2014PrehistoricParty2014LogoJanuary 23February 6Primal Bracers, Dino Claws, Prehistoric Beta Hat, Prehistoric Kite, Prehistoric Sling Shot, Stone Hatchet, Rock Hard Hat, Dino Horns, Stone Hair Dryer, Dino-leather ShieldMembers could adopt Dinosaur Puffles for the very first time exclusively at this party. Members can play Dino Dig and are able to dig up dino eggs and transform into 20 different dinosaurs.Gary the Gadget GuySnow Forts, Time Trekker 3000
The Fair 2014TheFair2014LogoFebruary 20March 6Rookie's Giveaway, Penguin Band Giveaway, Desert Cactus Pin, Pirate Skull Pin, Daily Spinner BackgroundNoneRookieAmazement Park, Dock
Russian Welcome EventNoneMarch 6March 13Welcome HatCelebrating the release of the Russian language version of Club Penguin.NoneIce Rink
Muppets World TourMuppetsWorldTourLogoMarch 20April 1Kermit's Giveaway Background, Constantine Background, Muppets World Tour BackgroundCelebrating the release of Muppets Most Wanted.Kermit the FrogClub Penguin Island
Puffle Party 2014NoneApril 17April 29Lavender Bunny Ears, PH GiveawayThe Blue Border Collie and Orange Tabby Cat puffles were released, along with the Puffle ParkPuffle HandlerPuffle Park, Club Penguin Island
Funny Hat WeekFunnyHatWeekLogoMay 1May 7The Sleepy Head, The Mullet, The Plunge, Donut Conqueror, Salami Sun HatNoneNoneDock
Future PartyFutureParty-LogoMay 22June 3Gary 3000 Giveaway, Cadet Jetpack, Protobot Helmet, Protobot CostumeNoneGary 3000Club Penguin Island
Penguin PromPenguinPromLogoJune 12June 18Purple Graduation Cap, School Dance BackgroundNoneNoneSchool
Penguin CupPenguin Cup LogoJune 19July 1Sharks Vuvuzela, Fluffies Vuvuzela, Hot Sauce Vuvuzela, Space Squid Vuvuzela, Aunt Arctic's Press GiveawayBased on the 2014 FIFA World Cup in BrazilAunt ArcticClub Penguin Island
Music Jam 2014LogoMusicJam2014July 17July 29Miner's Helmet, Music Cruise Pass, Thrift Shop Style, Glitter Microphone, Drum Roll, Beat Dropper Hat, Beat Dropper Outfit, Girl Next Door Guitar, Here Comes Treble, MP3000 Bling Edition, Urban Diva OutfitNoneCadence, Penguin BandClub Penguin Island, Music Cruise
Turbo Race 3000Turbo Race 3000 LogoJuly 31August 7Go-Karter Helmet, Go-Karter SuitThe event is based on an invention presumably created by Gary.NoneStadium
Frozen PartyFrozen Takeover Logo FinalAugust 21September 3Frozen Party free items list Based on the 2013 box office hit and Academy Award winning film Frozen. NoneClub Penguin Island, Elsa's Ice Palace
Halloween Party 2014No logoOctober 2014UnknownUnknownIt will be the 10th annual Halloween Party in Club Penguin.UnknownUnknown

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  • In a Q&A session on Twitter, Polo Field confirmed that the Prehistoric Party would return and be the first party of 2014.
  • In early December 2013, Polo Field said that they weren't sure about February's party yet. Then, at an event with Spike Hike, he said that The Fair would return in February, after a break in 2013. This was the first Fair to not take place in September.
  • In early January 2014, on an exclusive Polo Field meetup, Polo Field said that there would be a new party in March 2014.
  • In The Spoiler Alert the best of 2013, Sensei said "In the new year, when the summer comes, the truth will be told", possibly hinting about a Card-Jitsu Party in July which could possibly be 'Card-Jitsu Shadow' as it is rumored.
    • Nonetheless, Polo Field recently stated via Twitter that they have not planned anything related with Card-Jitsu at the moment.
  • In Club Penguin Times Issue #435, under "Island Rumors" the quote "In the Bullseye room, there are even reports that some of the crab and Herbert pop-ups are a little too lifelike..." is likely to be a reference to a yet unconfirmed party in the Elite Penguin Force series of missions.
  • In the blog, Megg had posted which costume to return for this year's Halloween Party , confirming the Halloween Party 2014.[1]
  • Also in the blog, it has been confirmed that the Frozen Party would be happening.

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