This is a list of places that have been mentioned but do not appear, or appear but do not actually exist.

Cookie Island

Cookie Island is an island Rockhopper visited in his travels. It was where he found the secret magic recipe for the transformation cookies at Holiday Party 2012.

Temple of Cookies

The Temple of Cookies is the ancient temple that contained the secret recipe. It is located somewhere on this island.


When Gary was talking about his interest in dinosaurs, he was seen looking at a large skeleton of one in a museum. This museum, however, has never been seen.

Old Club Penguin Times Headquarters

Before the Book Room was permanently renovated into Club Penguin Times Headquarters, Club Penguin Times Headquarters or Office head been mentioned on several occasions. It was never visitable or seen.

Polar Bear Island

Main article: Polar Bear Island

Rockhopper mentioned Polar Bear Island when asked if he had seen Herbert.

Temple of Polar Bears

Rockhopper also mentioned a Temple of Polar Bears, which was said to contain many polar bears, which Rockhopper described as grumpy.