This is a list of characters that have been mentioned but do not ever actually appear in Club Penguin.


  • Flash- is Jet Pack Guy's goldfish, and lives in his igloo. It was mentioned in the Ask Jet Pack Guy column in the Club Penguin Times.
  • Rookie's Pet Rock- a pet rock owned by Rookie. Was only mentioned once in the Club Penguin Times.

Gary's Extended Family

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Gary mentioned in one of his Ask Gary appearances that he in fact has many extended family members, including but not limited to cousins, aunts, and uncles. This implies that Gary's family has a wide reach throughout Club Penguin.

Polar Bears

Several Polar Bears were mentioned during Operation: Blackout:

  • Dave- Polar bear infant, and former neighbor of Herbert.
  • Rhonda- Another polar bear from Arctic Circle.
  • Randall- Friend of Herbert who "owes him 5 bucks".

Rockhopper's Island inhabitants

Rockhopper has on numerous occasions mentioned establishments that exist on Rockhopper Island. This implies that other creatures, though not necessarily penguins, own and operate the buildings on his island.

Stage characters

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In addition to the characters in Stage plays, a few additional characters have been mentioned in some plays, which do not take an active part in the plays' storyline.