The following is a list of Field-Ops- the former EPF tasks- and their location.

List of Field-Ops

The "Mascots" row represent characters that appeared in the EPF Phone, after finishing certain Field-ops. Game cells in orange represent games on their first appearance.

# Date Room Where Game Mascot
1 June 15, 2010 Town Stand near the "S" of the Night Club Circuit Match None
2  ? Ski Hill Stand next to the base of the sign Chip Maze
3  ? Cave Mine Stand by the large light device Circuit Match
4  ? Lodge Attic Standing on the red couch Chip Maze
5  ? Forest Stand in the very center of the room, where a microphone was hidden Circuit Match
6  ? Recycling Plant Stand on the bottom-right desk Firewall
7  ? Beacon Stand next to the light switch Chip Maze
8  ? Dojo Courtyard Stand near the projector Circuit Match
9  ? Stadium Cash register in the snack stand Firewall
10 August 16, 2010 Coffee Shop Stand near the steamer Chip Maze
11  ? Lighthouse Stand near the speaker in the bottom-left corner Circuit Match
12  ? Snow Forts Below Clock Tower target Chip Maze
13  ? Hidden Lake Broken Aqua Grabber 3000 Firewall
14  ? Iceberg Stand on the top of the small hill Chip Maze
15  ? Beach Buoy 6 Firewall
16  ? Dance Lounge Chair on the upper-left corner Chip Maze
17 October 4, 2010 Cave Floating aids near the middle window Code Break
18 October 12, 2010 Dock Hydro Hopper boat Circuit Match
19 October 19, 2010 Beach Right side of the bottom room area Code Break
20  ? Mine Puffle Rescue phone Chip Maze
21  ? EPF Command Room Map next to System Defender The Navigator
22  ? Hidden Lake Barrel on upper-left corner Circuit Match
23  ? Everyday Phoning Facility The telephone Firewall
24  ? VR Room Third block from the left on the bottom side of the front wall Chip Maze
25  ? Cove Near the rope in the water Code Break
26  ? Plaza Ticket booth Chip Maze
27  ? Ski Village Tour Guide Booth Code Break
28  ? Night Club The speaker of The Keeper of the Boiler Room The Navigator
29  ? Hidden Lake The broen Aqua Grabber Circuit Match
30  ? Ski Hill Pole Chip Maze
31 January 25, 2011 Wilderness Behind a tree on the right of the first Wilderness room Code Break Gary
32  ? Night Club DJ3K headphones The Navigator
  1. Go to the Box Dimension, stand near the box at the top left opposite the exit and follow the instructions.
  2. Go to the Recycling Plant stand near the computer and follow the instructions.
  3. Go to the Ski Village, stand in between the Ski Lodge and the Everyday Phoning Facility and follow the instructions.
  4. Go to the Stadium, stand in the 'Sports' stand and follow the instructions.
  5. Go to the Mine Shack, stand in the Herbert Snow Statue and follow the instructions.
  6. Go to the Cave, and stand in the center of the middle window (the grey one)
  7. Go to the Lodge Attic, and stand by the suitcase and follow the instructions.
  8. Go to the Iceberg, and stand on the left side of the iceberg and follow the instructions.
  9. Go to the Dock by the trees in the top right, and follow instructions.
  10. Go to the Coffee Shop and stand in the plant between the two red couches and follow the instructions.
  11. Go to the EPF Command Room, stand near the computer that has the Club Penguin map, and follow instructions.
  12. Go to the Cove, stand on the left side of the rock, and follow instructions.
  13. Go to the Cave, go to the bottom right corner, and follow instructions.
  14. Go to the Ski Village go to the pot of the yellow flowers on the Everyday Phoning Facility and follow the instructions.
  15. Go to the Mine, then go into the Cave Mine, go over to the machine, and follow instructions.
  16. Go to Classified Area, by entering the Ice Cave, and going through the Laser Mazes. Then trap Herbert in a Mini AC3000. During the Great Snow Race party.
  17. Go to the Boiler Room, stand on the left side of the File Cabinet, and follow instructions.
  18. Go to the Snow Forts, and stand next to the Clock Tower, and follow instructions.
  19. Go to the Hidden Lake and stand on the waterfall, and follow instructions. Beneath the Forest, via hole under the boulder.
  20. Go to the EPF Command Room during the Halloween Party 2011 and stand next to the System Defender game, and follow instructions.
  21. Go to the Night Club and stand next to the pumpkin with shades on top of one of the speakers.
  22. Go to the Mine and stand on the left side of the Puffle Rescue game.
  23. Go to the Pet Shop and stand to left of the toy puffle plasma ball. This field op was given to protect Pufflescape.
  24. Go to the Cove, and stand on the right buttom corner. This field op was probably located there because all the elements are found there.
  25. Go to the Candy Dimension and go to the Candy cane (right) on the hill.
  26. Go to the Dance Lounge and go to the Unplugged Arcade Machine
  27. Go to the bottom right computer inside the Recycling Plant, and follow instructions.
  28. Go to the Snow Forts and go up the ladder
  29. Go to the Pizza Parlor and go to the till
  30. Go to the Beach and stand by the biggest mushroom on the ground
  31. Go to the Dock and stand by the near town tree
  32. Go to the EPF Command Room and stand near the west of tube transporter
  33. Go to the Cove then waddle all the way until your penguin reaches near the rocks.
  34. Go to the Lighthouse and go to next to the microphone.
  35. Go to the EPF Command Room and stand at the middle of the EPF screen.
  36. Go to the Pizza Parlor and stand near the cash register.
  37. Go to the Recycling Plant and walk until your penguin is near the computer.
  38. Go to the Beach,enter the Migrator,sail to the Swashbuckler Trading Post,sail it again,and you will be in Dinosaur Island,sail it again,and you have sailed to Shipwreck Island and go to the right spot that is near a cave with green light.
  39. Go to the Migrator. Waddle next to he hug fan right below the gas tank.
  40. Go to the Ski Hill and stand next to the antenna.
  41. Go to the Dance Lounge and walk until you reach next to Food Maker 3000.
  42. Go to the Hidden Lake and waddle over to the Aqua Graber.
  43. Go to the Snow Forts. Enter the Box Dimension and waddle next to the candy cane.
  44. Go to the Dance Lounge and waddle to the Unplugged Arcade Machine.
  45. Go to the Recycling Plant and waddle next to the computer.
  46. Go to the Snow Forts, climb up the ladder then waddle to outside of the treehouse.
  47. Go to the Pizza Parlor and go behind the counter.
  48. Go to the Beach then waddle next to the green tree.

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