The following page lists characters from Club Penguin Island.

Image Name Position Species Voiced by
Quest Communicator Rockhopper
Rockhopper Captain of the Migrator Penguin Unknown
Quest Communicator Gary
Gary the Gadget Guy Inventor, Scientist, EPF Agent Penguin Todd Haberkorn
Quest Communicator Aunt Arctic
Aunt Arctic Island Director, EPF Director Penguin Unknown
Quest Communicator Rookie
Rookie EPF Agent Penguin Kyle McCarley
Quest Communicator Jet Pack Guy
Jet Pack Guy Lifeguard, EPF Agent Penguin Chris Jai Alex
Quest Communicator Dot
Dot EPF Stealth Lead, Disguise Designer Penguin Unknown
Quest Communicator Cadence
Cadence DJ, Singer Penguin Unknown
Michelle Lewis (songs)
Quest Communicator Rory
Rory Builder, Shop Owner Penguin Unknown
Quest Communicator Shellbeard
Shellbeard Villain Ghost turtle Todd Haberkorn
Quest Communicator Herbert
Herbert P. Bear Criminal Mastermind Polar Bear Todd Haberkorn
Klutzy Herbert's sidekick Crab Unknown

Minor characters

Image Name Position Species Notes
Leedah Tour guide Penguin Featured in Wish Upon a Squid