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List of Mascots

Club Penguin Characters

Character 1 88 Rockhopper Character 4 88 Gary the Gadget Guy Character 2 88 Aunt Arctic Character 9 88 Sensei
Character 3 88 Cadence Character 16 88 Rookie Character 28 88 Puffle Handler Character 5 88 Franky
Character 6 88 Petey K Character 7 88 G Billy Character 8 88 Stompin' Bob Character 10 88 Herbert P. Bear
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Special Visitors

Rocky in the Buddy List Rocky CeCe on the Buddy List CeCe Character 31 88 Brady Character 32 88 McKenzie
Character 33 88 Kermit the Frog

Semi-Famous Penguins

Penguins that are part of the storyline but not appear as an avatar around Club Penguin but some can be seen in games or pictures, etc.:


Many penguins consider Moderators and their test accounts famous:

Main article: List of Club Penguin Staff Members

Other Famous Penguins

Book Penguins

These penguins appear only in books, almost like Semi-Famous Penguins:

Elite Agents (Penguins)

The agents that you see in Club Penguin: Elite Penguin Force and Club Penguin: Elite Penguin Force: Herbert's Revenge

Elite Puffles

Famous Creatures (excluding Penguins)

Evil Characters


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