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This article is about cards in the game Card-Jitsu. For a list of trading gards, click here.

There are over 500 cards in the game Card-Jitsu; each one has a value ranged from 2 to 12, a uniuqe They all have effects on the game: Power Cards have special abilities, and every card has its own value, that moves from 2 to 12, and determines who is the winner of the round. Some of the cards are initially given via the Starter Decks, and additional cards can be unlocked from code cards from Club Penguin Trading Cards or by buying power cards from the Martial Artworks catalog.

List of Card-Jitsu cards

Power cards description

Possible effects

  • When you see a picture of a 9 and a 1 with curved arrows around them in the game, it means that if both players play the same element, the card with a lower value will win.
  • When you have a +2 or -2 on top of your penguin, that means the value of your card will change depending on the symbol. This is why 2 is the lowest card value.
  • When you see a colored card or element with a bomb on it come to your side, it will discard a certain type of cards (e.g. green card with bomb discards your green cards).
  • When you see two elements and an arrow in between go on top of your card, this means that all water cards become fire, fire becomes snow, or snow becomes water.


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