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Life Preserver Shooter
Mission 1 Life Preserver Shooter
Invented by Gary
Located Gadget Room

The Life Preserver Shooter is a gadget found in the Gadget Room during missions. It is used to shoot life rings to aide the penguin while playing missions. You can only interact with it in Secret Missions 1 and 4. This item can be found in the Gadget Room when it is not being used.

It is unknown how you could save more than two penguins when it appears to hold only two life preservers.

Involvement in missions

  • In Mission 1, you have to save the seven stranded penguins on the broken Iceberg.
  • It is used in Mission 4 to rescue the four penguins trapped in the avalanche; all you need to do is mix the Life Preserver Shooter with a fishing rod and rope.

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