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Koi fish Fairy Fables
Scientific name Cyprinus carpio
Similar creatures Fish
Appeared Koi Pond, Bears Pond
Predators Blue herons, raccoons, Night herons, green herons, egrets
Prey Unknown

This article is about the fish, were you looking for the pin?
Not to be confused with Goldfish.

Koi are a species of fish (specifically carp) that live in various bodies of water in Club Penguin.


  • Koi made their first appearance in the Koi Pond furniture item; periodically, they will jump out of the water and go back in.
  • When Fairy Fables is playing at the Stage, a koi fish will jump out of the water every so often.
  • At the Medieval Party 2009, many koi fish were swimming on a fountain at the Lodge Attic. You could also feed them.
  • There is a Koi Fish Pin as well as a Blue Koi Fish Pin, which suggests numerous koi fish around Club Penguin.
  • The smallest gong at the Ninja Hideout featured a koi fish.


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