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Full Name Klutzy the Crab
Species Clubpenguinus crabus (Crab)
Gender Male
Position Sidekick of Herbert P. Bear
Appeared See Appearances
Color Red
Clothes Items None
Related To Klepto and other Crabs.
Friends With Herbert P. Bear, The Crab Army
Meetable Character? Yes (sprite in Operation: Hot Sauce)
Clickity click click!
— Klutzy

Klutzy (nicknamed "Helpful" in Mission 10 in Herbert's Revenge) is a villainous crab in Club Penguin who saved Herbert P. Bear from drowning when he first arrived to Club Penguin Island after traveling from the North Pole on an iceberg. Since then, he has been involved in a lot of Secret Missions as Herbert's evil sidekick. As revealed in The F.I.S.H., Klutzy is male and is probably Herbert's best friend. You can't meet him in-game, but in missions you can meet him.

Befriending Herbert

Klutzy, before becoming Herbert P. Bear's accomplice, was once a normal crab in the Club Penguin Island. The two became friends when Klutzy rescued Herbert from drowning. Since that day Klutzy has assisted Herbert in his scheme of destroying penguins, though his impact on events is minimal and Klutzy instead often functions as an omen to Herbert's appearance.


Pages in F.I.S.H.


The fact files in the F.I.S.H.


  • Klutzy was referenced in Mission #7 as a "funny little guy" by a penguin.
  • There is also a Series 4 figurine of Herbert and Klutzy.
  • Klutzy uses many face emotes such as :) and 0_0 while writing.
  • In one mission, he is seen playing a game while Herbert talks to the agents.
  • Klutzy probably communicates in morse code the reason why the Crab Translator 3000 blown up during mission 6. However, it may also be because his sharp claws cut through the cage and damaged the microphone.
  • It has been showed that Klutzy isn't as evil as Herbert.
    • On the character page for him, it describes Klutzy as cheerful and kind.
  • His name may come from the fact that he often knocks things over, messes up things, is clumsy, etc.
  • He submitted a question to Rookie in the Issue #336 in the Club Penguin Times.

Klutzy may or may not be meetable in the future.

  • If you search for his name in the friend list, it will read "Klutzy is a click click clickety click. Try searching for someone else." As his name can be searched, it is possible that he will become a mascot in the future
  • In Herbert's Revenge last mission, He will join you when Herbert decided to help you. You could then call him with the puffle whistle.
  • On November 15, 2012, a Klutzy Costume was released.
  • Herbert should be HIS sidekick, since he was the one who saved Herbert, although Klutzy does not seem to mind this.
  • The Club Penguin staff made a recipe called Klutzy's Kale Chips and posted it the Fun Stuff section of the website.
Klutzy's kale chips

Klutzy's Kale Chips with a plush Herbert standing beside it.




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