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Klepto the Crab

Full Name Klepto The Crab
Species Crab
Gender Male
Position Recurring boss of Puffle Launch
Appeared Puffle Launch
Color Red
Clothes Items None
Related To Unknown
Friends With Unknown
Meetable Character? No

Klepto is a crab that is the main antagonist in the game Puffle Launch, who tries to steal Puffle O's with his Aqua Grabber machine which he also stole. His choice of vehicle, the Aqua Grabber, is capable of flight due to some kind of rocket propulsion where the propellers would normally be. In addition, he also has a magnet to attract metallic objects.[1]


  • He appears on the March chapter of the 2010-2011 Yearbook.
  • His name could possibly be a pun on the word kleptomaniac, a living thing who likes to steal things. In this case, the crab likes stealing O' Berries.
  • He appears in Puffle Launch and Aqua Grabber, according to the Mobile Apps help page.
  • His name was announced in the Club Penguin Top Trumps Pack.



  1. Puffle Launch world 1 - final.

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