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A Jet Pack or Jetpack is a popular form of transportation in Club Penguin that was invented by G. It is most commonly used in Jet Pack Adventure. Two of the most well known users of the jetpack are Jet Pack Guy and Jet Pack Surfer. The Jet Pack works with Jet Pack Fuel but it can also fly with a mixture of Cream Soda and Hot Sauce. This was revealed in Secret Mission 10.

A penguin giving a tour to a brown penguin by jetpack.



Gary building a Jet Pack in October 2006.

The Jet Pack's building process started in September 2006, as a result of the project for a new invention taking off (much to the help of leftover funds from the Lighthouse Restoration Project).[1] In the same month, Launch Pads began appearing in various rooms in Club Penguin, accompanied by a crane, hinting at the game which would launch in November 2006, Jet Pack Adventure.[2][3] It was also by November 2006 that the Jet Pack was finished being built.[4]




Names in other languages

Language Name
FrenchLe Jet Pack
GermanJet Pack

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