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Java Jump
CPGD Java Jump

The gameplay.
Players 1-4
Controls Wii Remote
Minigame location Town
Date released September 17–24

Java Jump is a mini-game in Club Penguin: Game Day!. It requires you to jump in a Java Bag in order to get to the finish line. Coins could be collected to add to their account later.


Players will have to use the Wii remote to control and jump in their sacks. They will race against three other penguins and must be the first to cross the finish line in order to win. In the game, you can activate some power-ups that will greatly affect the outcome of the race.


There are some obstacles on the course, which must be jumped over to proceed:

  • Trunks - Fallen Tree Trunks will cover the width of the track.
  • Fences - Higher than trunks, but often have coins behind.

Power Ups

Power-ups are gained by jumping into a special curtain. After a short time the player jumps out with the power-up equipped. After a short time the effect disappears. A list of power-ups can be found below:

  • Anvil - The player is strapped to an anvil, decreasing their speed but allowing them to smash thorugh fences.
  • Jet Pack - The player equips a Jet Pack, which auto-drives them around about half the course.
  • Hole in sack - The players's sack splits at the bottom, allowing the player to "run", whilst increasing speed.

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