Java Delivery Truck C-J card separate

The Java Delivery Truck is used to deliver bags of Java Beans to the Coffee Shop and appears whenever you play Bean Counters. It was once mentioned in the Club Penguin Times in the "Ask Aunt Arctic" column. It is parked at the Java Delivery Truck Shed.


  • The Java Delivery Truck appears in Card-Jitsu as a power card attack.
  • It could be seen in the background image when entering the play page of Club Penguin's website.

Club Penguin Times

  • The truck was featured in an article about Bean Counters in issue #111.
  • It appeared in the Ask Aunt Arctic column in issue #147 and was featured in the comic section in issue #433.
  • Its image also appeared in the "Secrets" section of issue #494, where tips for Bean Counters were listed.



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