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James P. Sullivan

Full Name James Phil Sullivan "Sulley"
Species Monster
Gender Male
Position Student at Monsters University, Member of Oozma Kappa, Former Member of Roar Omega Roar
Appeared Monsters University Takeover
Color Blue with purple spots
Clothes Items Sulley Mask
Sulley Costume
Related To None
Friends With Mike Wazowski, Scott "Squishy" Squibbles, Art, Don Carlton, Terri and Terry Perry
Meetable Character? No
Voiced/ Played By John Goodman

James P. Sullivan a.k.a Sulley, is a Monster in Club Penguin. Penguins were able to buy his costume during the Monsters University Takeover. His best friend is Mike Wazowski. He is a member of the Oozma Kappa fraternity.

When it comes to Scaring, Sulley’s a natural, his abundant size, fierce roar and family legacy of a long line of high-achieving Scarers make him a shoo-in for the esteemed Scare Program at Monsters University. But from the moment the overly confident monster steps his big furry feet on campus, it’s clear he’d rather crack jokes than books—and he learns the hard way that his unfettered talent and family ties can only get him so far. With his ego bruised and future in jeopardy, a stubborn Sulley must put his pride aside, team up with an odd bunch of misfit monsters and actually work if he wants to live up to his true Scaring potential.


  • In the original movie, Sulley cheated during the Scare Games by changing the settings on the Scaring Machine, making it easier to achieve a high score. He later confessed this, resulting in Oozma Kappa being disqualified from the games.




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