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This article is about the DS minigame. For the Wii minigame, see Jackhammer!


The game menu
Players 1
Controls  ?
Minigame location Herbert's Revenge
Date released NAMap: May 25, 2010
EUFlag: June 17, 2010 (UK and Australia)

Jackhammer is a minigame in Club Penguin: Elite Penguin Force: Herbert's Revenge.

How to play

Using the D-Pad, the player has to reach the flag at the end of each level by traversing the rocks and cliffs blocking the 'linear path'. The player can only dig softer rocks; while having to avoid tough rock and ice.

Using hot sauce bottles as fuel, they can move and dig faster for a limited period of time. In addition, collecting a purple crystal will allow you to dig through crystals.

After each successful dig, you will not some energy from the power gauge; to refill said energy you need to collect fuel cans.



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