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The Island Lifter 3000 as seen in use at the Tallest Mountain during the Festival of Flight.


As seen from the Iceberg, successfully lifting the island.

The Island Lifter 3000 is a device invented by Gary the Gadget Guy used to lift Club Penguin Island out of the water and into the skies.


It was used during the Festival of Flight 2009 because Gary needed to replace the windows in the Underground Pool without causing a second flood. It was located at the Tallest Mountain, with a Hot Air Balloon above it to cause Club Penguin to rise above sea level. A target was implemented into it for players to throw snowballs at it to intensify the fire.[1]


  • It was rather similar to the Clock Tower, as it is powered by snowballs.
  • There is a Card Jitsu card of this.[2]
  • The Club Penguin Team chose this idea instead of using the Giant Jet Pack and the giant Propeller. However, the propeller idea was divided to small ones that is scattered around the island.

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