Island Adventure Party 2011
Island Adventure Party Logo

Members only? No
When July 21 - August 4, 2011
Free Item(s) See Free items
Location Club Penguin Island
Mascot(s) Rockhopper

The Island Adventure Party 2011 was a party in Club Penguin. It was the third Island Adventure Party. It was announced in the June edition of the membership page.

Players were given the task to find the missing Cream soda barrels. If the barrels were found, penguins received four pins and The Continental hat.

Free items

Image Item Type Location
Eye Patch Pin 1
Eye Patch Pin Pin Ship Hold
Telescope Pin 1
Telescope Pin Pin Iceberg
Tropical Feather 1
Tropical Feather Pin Pin Dock
Old Key Pin
Old Key Pin Pin Tree Forts
The Continental clothing icon ID 1283
The Continental Head Item Cove
Commander Coat
Commander Coat Body Item Hidden Lake
Rockhopper Background Background Meeting Rockhopper
Puffle Bandana
Puffle Bandana Head Item Rockhopper's Rare Items


  • Ships had returned.
  • Rockhopper visited for this party, as confirmed on the What's New Blog, but penguins had to send flares from the Flare Flinger 3000 to signal his ship to come like the previous year.
  • For some odd reason the party lasted three days longer than expected.
  • A blue crab would appear every 15 minutes at the Cove.[1]
  • All the past Island Adventure Parties were in June, and all the Music Jam Parties were in July. For some odd reason, it was moved to July and the Music Jam 2011 got moved to June.
    • That means that after Rockhopper left when the party ended, he was only gone for a month until he came back for The Fair 2011. It is unknown how he got to Rockhopper Island and back in less than a month, as Rockhopper Island is stated to be a month's distance from Club Penguin Island, and a return trip would be another month. However, it is possible he did not visit Rockhopper Island.