Inside Out Party
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Members only? No
When July 22, 2015 - August 5, 2015 (Desktop)
July 22, 2015 - August 19, 2015 (Mobile)
Free Item(s) See Free items section
Location Rockhopper's Mind, Dock
Mascot(s) Gary
Rockhopper lost his memories... help him find them.
— The tagline of the Party

The Inside Out Party was a party in Club Penguin which began on July 22, 2015, and ended on August 5th for the online version and August 19 for the mobile version. It was first confirmed on the What's New Blog on June 26, 2015.[1] The party was loosely based on the 2015 Disney-Pixar film Inside Out.


After eating cursed cheese on a mysterious island, Rockhopper starts to lose his memories. Players will need to enter his mind using Gary the Gadget Guy's newest invention, the "Minderizer 3000", before the memories disappear forever.

Free items


Image Item Type Received from Members only?
Memory Bag icon
Memory Bag Hand Item Joy No
The Joyful icon
The Joyful Head Item Yes
Joyful Dress icon
Joyful Dress Body Item
Emotional Background icon
Emotional Background Background No
Happy Memory icon
Happy Memory Hand Item Sadness No
The Sadness icon
The Sadness Head Item Yes
Sad Outfit icon
Sad Outfit Body Item
Sad Shoes icon
Sad Shoes Feet Item
Riley's Hockey Stick icon
Riley's Hockey Stick Hand Item Anger No
The Anger icon
The Anger Head Item Yes
Angry Outfit icon
Angry Outfit Body Item
Black Dress Shoes Feet Item
Bing Bong's Hat icon
Bing Bong's Hat Head Item Disgust No
The Disgust icon
The Disgust Head Item Yes
Disgust Neckerchief icon
Disgust Neckerchief Neck Item
Disgusted Dress icon
Disgusted Dress Body Item
Disgusted Shoes icon
Disgusted Shoes Feet Item
Riley's Helmet icon
Riley's Helmet Head Item Fear No
The Fear icon
The Fear Head Item Yes
Frightened Outfit icon
Frightened Outfit Body Item
Fearful Shoes icon
Fearful Shoes Feet Item
The Continental (ID 1951) icon
The Continental Head Item Rockhopper Yes
The Pirateer icon
The Pirateer Head Item
First Mate's Outfit icon
First Mate's Outfit Body Item
Stinky Cheese Sword icon
Stinky Cheese Sword Hand Item
Pirate's Hook icon
Pirate's Hook Hand Item


Image Item Type Location Members only?
G'sExplosiveGiveawayIcon Gary's Explosive Giveaway Background Meeting Gary No


Main article: Inside Out Party interface


  • It was the third sponsored party in 2015 and the thirteenth sponsored party overall.
  • It was the second party based on a Pixar film, after the Monsters University Takeover.
  • In order to restore Rockhopper's memories, players had to play an Ice Jam game, similar to the Security Terminals from Operation: Blackout, and Infiltrate the Death Star from the Star Wars Takeover.
  • All of Rockhopper's emotions have fake beards, pirate hats, and belts. This reflects the movie, where all emotions resemble their hosts to an extent.
  • Members were able to transform into Bing Bong and Rainbow Unicorn, as well as obtain their costumes.
  • There are two inconsistencies in Rockhopper's joy memory, which was of him meeting Yarr:
    • He is wearing his jacket, despite not obtaining said jacket until several years after he first met Yarr.
    • He is holding Yarr on Rockhopper Island, despite not only finding Yarr in the middle of the ocean on a piece of driftwood, but also not finding his island until a few months later.
  • Some of the music at this party was also in Inside Out Thought Bubbles and Disney Crossy Road.


  • When you do a special dance after you transformed into Bing Bong or Rainbow Unicorn, your penguin appears to overlap the character.


Sneak Peeks





Party Dialogue




Names in other languages

Language Name
PortugueseFesta Divertida Mente
FrenchFête Vice-Versa
SpanishFiesta Intensa Mente
RussianПраздник Головоломки


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