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Infiltrate the Death Star

The game menu
Players 1
Controls Mouse (dragging)
Minigame location Death Star map
Date released August 1, 2013

Infiltrate the Death Star is a game that can be played in some of the Death Star rooms during the Star Wars Takeover. In the game you have to drag bricks in a 6×6 grid to create a path for a "key" to its lock.


In the game you play on a 6×6 grid and you have to slide the bricks in the square grid left/right/up/down so you can get the "key" into the lock. Throughout the game Princess Cadence will talk to you.


  • Mouse- drag bricks


There are 5 levels for you to do. They go from one to five. You can do the machines in any order, but the system works for your amount of coins and the award.

Level Min steps Reward Icon
1 4 Rebel Helmet RTHelmet
2 5 Rebel Costume Rebel Costume clothing icon ID 4894
3 6 Rebel Boots Rebel Boots icon
4 5 Rebel Reward Pin RebelRewardPin
5 5 Death Star Plans DeathStarPlansBGicon



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