Impenetrable Containment Environment
Newspaper Issue 420 ICE snapshot
Is it seen right now? No
Type Storage chamber
Party None
Where? Hidden

The Impenetrable Containment Environment (alternatively named Indestructible Containment Environment), or I.C.E. for short, was a top secret EPF location. It was first mentioned in issue #420 of the Club Penguin Times in a classified message from The Director of The EPF. Another hidden classified message, this time from Gary, appeared in issue #436.


The following objects are on I.C.E., or used to be.


  • Herbert P. Bear stole Gary's failed 'Puffle Transmogrifier' from here and modified it to invent the Brain Box, which he used to mind-control Puffles.
    • After Herbert invaded the I.C.E., it was moved to a different secret location to prevent him from locating it again. This process was completed on February 28, 2014. This process is what held up The EPF Rebuild.


Names in other languages

Impenetrable Containment Environment

Language Name
PortugueseFantástico Reservatório Impenetrável Oculto
FrenchInstallation de Confinement Indestructible
SpanishFrasco Receptor Indestructible de Objetos
GermanImpenetrable Containment Environment
Russianсекретные невскрываемые грузы

Indestructible Containment Environment

Language Name
PortugueseGuardador Especial Lotado de Objetos
Frenchl’Installation de Confinement Indestructible
SpanishFrasco Receptor Indestructible de Objetos
Russian N/A