Igloo Village
Igloo Village

Where Club Penguin (app)
Opened August 30, 2013
Closed Still open
Mini-games None
Room ID None
Tour Description

The Igloo Village is a room added on version 1.2 of the Club Penguin (app). It is used to access other player's igloos and your own, and also edit your own. You can use it to get an exclusive igloo called Beach Party Igloo. It can also be seen from the Igloo Map.


The location on both Club Penguin (app) and Club Penguin is on the left of the lake and the bottom of the Town Center. It is a circle of igloos as revealed on the map. In the game Jetpack Boost, it is decorated with balloons and lamp posts.

Visiting igloos

Club Penguin (app)

When you enter the Igloo Village, instead of waddling around the screen a map appears. You see the penguin's name and the type of igloo he/she is using.

Club Penguin

On Club Penguin, the only way to enter the Igloo Village is to bring up the map. Bring it up and press the igloos next to the lake. There an igloo map that comes out only showing the names of the penguins.


  • The igloo village in the Club Penguin (app) has a glitch; The tab you click first, that tab's category penguins shown will be there but when you click the rest of the tabs, they will still be there. This glitch has not been fixed.
  • Very rarely, instead of your name in the igloo list, a penguin called 'penguin1234' name will be displayed and it will be loading forever.
  • When the Friends List doesn't load (it's a glitch), all your Friends name will be 'undefined' in the igloo list though you can still see how many likes they have.