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The Igloo Backyard is an additional area to the player's igloo, where his or her puffles can be moved to and from the igloo. The feature was added on January 23, 2014, and was first confirmed by Polo Field on January 9, 2014. The area of the backyard is determined by the Igloo Location of the player's current igloo.


The Igloo Backyard can hold up to 40 puffles. Puffle's statistics remain frozen while they are in the yard, meaning that they will never flee from your igloo as long as they are there.


  • All igloo backyards share the same gate, but their background is determined by the selected Igloo Location.
  • The music of the room you had previously been will be the background music of your backyard.
  • If you have a Orange Tabby Cat puffle, Blue Border Collie puffle, or a Dinosaur Puffle in your igloo after your membership expired, the puffles will be placed on your backyard and you can't walk them unless you renew your membership.
  • Other penguins cannot access your backyard.


  • There was a glitch that you could not get out from the backyard unless you used your map or Spy Phone.
  • Sometimes, music that you saved recently doesn't play when you waddle in the backyard.




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