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Igloos are the natural homes of penguins and a principal feature in Club Penguin Island. They were released on November 28, 2017 as part of the 1.8 update. Players are able to access them from the igloo tram station in Island Central or via the map.

There are different variants of igloos that players are able to customize with furniture, landscaping, terrain, interactables, and more which can be bought at the Igloos & Interiors store in Island Central or by clicking the catalog while editing an igloo.


  • Concept art for igloos was first released on March 27, 2017 in part 2 of Waddle Down Memory Lane.
  • The "My Igloo" button was added to the "My Penguin" tab in the 1.7.1 update.
  • Members and non-members are able to decorate their igloos.
  • Non-members weren't able to change the lighting of their igloos until the 1.9.0 update.


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