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Three Little Islands Ideas

  • The Three Little Islands will eventually move to Niagara Falls, and the Three Sisters Islands will be known as the Six Sister ISlands.
  • They were part of Fiji but broke off to be a little further from Fiji
  • They are Okijiwa, Sabeltha and Tuchimara
  • The Three Little Islands are in the Pacific Archipelego and their location is closer to Fiji. If we ever get to go there Club Penguin will combine with Humans and Real Life!
  • the Southernmost island has a cave that can be acsessed without a boat. To get to it, Jump out of the mine cart at the second turn in cart surfer. It will take you to a torch-lit tunnel. Follow it. you will come out of a cave on an island.
  • Sirius Black hid here from 1993-1994
  • The three little islands are

1. Green Hill Zone

2. Emerald Hill Zone

3. Mushroom Hill Zone

4.Its a room soon!

All are from Sonic the Hedgehog

  • The Three Little Islands will open the 50th time Rockhopper visits.
  • The first island is Puffle Island the second is Treasure Island and finally, the third one is Quest Island.
  • It could be Disney Island if they were put together.
  • The right one could be Deep Doze Island and the left one is where all the coins are stored.
  • One of the islands is the place where aliens try to invade our world. And they got there for more than 200 years.
  • Gary, Sensei, and Rockhopper got in a fight while they were visiting the third island, Action Island. Gary got in his Claw Driver 3000 when the fight started. Gary grabbed Sensei's foot and hit Rockhopper. Rockhopper fell down and grabbed the Sensei. He used him as a boomerang and hit the claw on the Claw Driver 3000. Gary grabbed both penguins and dropped them in the water. Sensei threw his head foward and the Sensei's hat was used as a boomerang. The Claw Driver 3000's claw fell off and knocked Rockhopper down. Gary got down and used the Reverse Ray to turn Sensei into Rockhopper. Gary then grabbed Rockhopper and hit him on the Claw Driver 3000. Rockhopper used his sword to cut Gary's coat off. He got so mad he dropped Rockhopper and got splinters from the first island, Wooden Island. And that's why the tip of a shoelace is called an aglet.
  • The first island is Wooden Island. The second is Boomerang Island. The third is Action Island.
  • One day, G will build a bridge to allow penguins to visit the islands
  • One island has a Komodo Dragon on it.
  • zippo lives on one of them
  • A new famous penguin, Santa lives there. If you click go to his igloo, you will go to the left one. There will be bridges to the other.

It could be the iceberg that Herbert came on.

  • Soon the Club Penguin Freeway will connect to it.
  • The biggest island has a city called Island City
  • Island city- Is a city on the biggest island and has a airport and a train station it is also a surfing and goods village and is not that big either
  • Island city Airport- A airport that serves Island City

Terminal 1- Cp Airlines

Ternimal 2- International Flights

  • Island City Train station- A tiny train station theirs only one railroad the Club Penguin RailRoad and the closet station is the Island Bridge where the line ends and The Town station

Island Bridge- A bridge that connects all three islands and their is a train station too

Get too see Sensei's house and get enter on your map and get to sail on the Migrator getting there or make a CP Airlines and go there

  • In a future mission, Herbert teleports you onto the second island when you realise that it is Rockhopper Island... and Rockhopper is still there.
  • There is a penguin under a pine tree on one island awaiting help.
  • To get to the first island, go to the passage that says First Island in cart surfer.
  • The Three Little Islands was once a part of Club Penguin Island.

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