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These are theories about Puffle Handler. Click here to go back.

  • Rookie and Cadence used to live in PH's basement but she kicked them out because they ate all her food, used her money to buy videogames and farted a lot. So they went to find a new place to live in.
  • She has a secret crush on Rookie.
  • She eats Puffle O´s in her cereal.
  • She loves puffles so much that she has 100 puffles in her igloo.
  • PH has a boyfriend PH2 meaning Puffle Helper.
    • PH and PH2 have two kids. The boy being Puffo and the girl being Puffa.
  • PH met Herbert P. Bear and Herbert was mad because he hated PH and puffles!
    • Herbert hates puffles and PH.
  • Puffles really are afraid and shy of PH, so she brainwashed them to think PH is their owner.
  • PH likes to wet the bed.
  • PH's real name is Paige.
  • She has a cousin named PHd who's a really good doctor, but he has no job because there are no hospitals in Club Penguin.
  • She makes puffles by using D.N.A from Dead Penguins

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