Click here to go back to the mainpage.Click here to go back to the mainpage.Ideas for new igloos! Things in italic are things that already happened.

New Igloos

  • Beach restoraunt hut(AKA big momma's from teen beach movie)
  • Everyday Phoning Facility igloo
  • Gary's Lab igloo
  • Prehistoric Island (900 coins) This Igloo is a prehistoric island with water you can swim in. It also leads to a second igloo, the Underwater Cave Igloo
  • Celebration of Grass Igloo (1,500 coins) (Want to live in green? Live here!) (It is a one floor igloo, but with an underground hole, which will hold 50 items)
  • Celebration of Grass Tree Igloo (2,000 coins) (Want to live in green? Live here!) (It is a 5 floor igloo because it's built in a tree and each floor holds 50 items. Total items: 250 items)
  • Desert House Igloo (1,500 coins) (You set it up yourself like nomads do!)
  • Water Park Igloo (200 coins) (with pool and multiple slides)
  • Glass Puffle Igloo (2500 coins)
  • Floating Balloon Igloo (2100 coins)
  • A two-storied, mushroom-shaped igloo, only available during Nintendo Party.
  • A rocket igloo, completed with a galactic background.
  • Swimming pool igloo! It's like a Split Level Igloo, except the door is on the second level and the first level is flooded. in the flooded level, hollow items, like the inflatable sofa, inflatable Dragon, the lifeboat, Hydro-Hopper tubes, Puffle beds, etc, float. Solid items sink.
  • A jail cell
  • A zoo exhibit (you can change the terrain from snowy to grassy to dirt, etc.)
  • A Puffle-shaped igloo
  • Underground igloo (adjustable size) (same setting as cave igloo but with multiple rooms eg komodo dragon room. You can also, right at the bottom, find the portal to the future dimension, where you can edit everything, the size, the climate and the population. You can also get any music in club penguin by clicking browse on the music (yes, you can do the speed glitch by choosing the viking opera).
  • Volcano igloo
  • An island igloo with a migrator that when you click o it it takes you to a pirate ship.
  • Mountain igloo
  • A Waterfall igloo
  • UFO Igloo
  • Futuristic Techno Igloo (With Three Free Furniture items:Esferic chiar, Smart Fridge & Kitchenset and Oval Smart TV)$7.500
  • HQ Igloo for secret agents
  • Icebergs (visible on map)
  • Puffle Bed Igloo
  • Beach Igloo
  • Mine Igloo
  • Igloo with ski hill
  • Hut Igloo
  • Rainbow Igloo
  • Underground Igloo
  • Academy or Library Igloo
  • Futuristic Igloo (modern style igloo that looks like glass)
  • Pool Igloo
  • Laboratory Igloo (made of metal)
  • House Igloo (Log Cabin)
  • Cave Igloo
  • Haunted House Igloo (an igloo with black walls and spiders dangling from the ceiling, with cracks in wall, has mini stage and few different rooms)
  • Stone Split-Level Igloo
  • Fish Tank Igloo (Not the Fish Bowl igloo, It's long and square)
  • Cathedral Igloo
  • Castle Igloo
  • 50's Igloo (1,000 coins, has black and white tv and more just like the 50's did!!!
  • Plane Igloo (An igloo in the shape of a plane)
  • Puffle Igloo (A igloo in the shape of a puffle)
  • Real-Life House Igloo
  • Jail Igloo (has 3 cells that are lockable)
  • Sonic Igloo (Made out of checkered material and sonic-like objects that are interactive e.g those treadmill-like things, plus 3D like landscapes so it looks like you're really in Green Hill Zone) (5000 coins)
  • Club Penguin igloo: Has a replica of the real club penguin but you can edit everything (7,400 coins)
  • Flying Igloo
  • Harris Teeter (can sell food,toys and movies) (900 coins)
  • Helicopter Igloo (is flyable)
  • TV igloo (You can watch big screen movies in it)
  • O.D.S.T Igloo (looks like the air craft in halo 3 ODST at begginning)(includes weapons) (4000 coins)
  • Forest Igloo( Has trees and a tiny pond) ( 1400 coins)
  • Train Station igloo( Has 5 ticket booths a miny snack bar and a train track that connects to the Club Penguin RailRoad and the Club Penguin Main Train Station.( 1,560 coins) plus for train tracks and booths plus food= 2,450 coins all if had ticket booths then the igloo only comes with your amount you want or have
  • Mario igloo
  • A fire dojo igloo that looks a little bit like the real fire dojo ( cost 3,500 coins ) and it comes with the game the mat and the game like it does in the real fire dojo.
  • Club Penguin Madness Igloo
  • Worldmap Igloo( 4530 coins-with levels like the continents and a big sky with stars up.
  • A hot-dog Igloo(3000 coins)
  • Revealer igloo (3000 coins). an igloo that appears like a normal basic igloo but when you click on the chimney (looks like a nail) you reveal an elevator. that elevator leads to an entire network of underground tunnels which has lead to the

main quarters (straight down)

gadget room (first tunnel left)

garage (first tunnel right)

bay bee room (second left)

investigation room (second right)

disguise room (third left)

another network of tunnels (third right) which leads to 20 rooms which you can give to your friends (one room per penguin)

  • Fish and chips shop Igloo -get a fish and chips pin there .
  • mansion igloo igloo (has lots of different rooms and you can change the flooring for each room)
  • Ultimate Super Multi Igloo - a igloo which has about the same amount of rooms on club penguin which has a T.V room, a bed room, a Toy/ video game room, a Undergound elevator which takes you to underground or underwater rooms, and lots more.
  • Room Igloo. has three bedrooms,a kitchen,a dining room,a living room,and a bathroom.
  • Inventor's Lab
  • Two Story Igloo

Manipulator igloo (4 medals): You are in a field. It's a blank canvas you can make yourself. Once you buy this igloo, you unlock a new catalog. Using this you can make houses, buildings, cars, helicopters, monorails, trains, boats, submarines, teleporters, planes and much more.

flat iggy 1000 coins decoratet how ever u like. for non mebers and mebers.

rainbow iggy + real coins for free get any thing u like + sparkely and shiny get a free catilog for not members and members ,cool iggys and big iggys for members and non members get cool stuff as well it will be awlsome and plz do my choise

  • Melted Marshmallow
  • A base igloo, with multiple rooms for extra cost:
  • Supply pad: like a coin bank. Can also be used to donate stuff.
  • Vehicle depot: builds ground vehicles of your own design
  • Air pad: builds aircraft of your own design
  • Living Quarters: a room what you can customize, with a bed by the wall. Able to add more beds.
  • EPF armory (EPF only) where you can create your own EPF armor.
  • Mosque of Mecca (A 2 story Mosque and each floor holds 97 items, total equals 198)
  • Patricks Rock (You unlock a new catalog full of sand items with it)
  • A multi-story igloo.
  • A secret room igloo. (Hidden by trees, its very secret.)
  • Tipi house.
  • A caravan.
  • Airplane igloo, fly all over the world and there is mini games.
  • Spongebob igloo! You can now live inside Spongebob. When you're tired of your location just use the controls to move Spongebob.
  • Shoe igloo. Live inside a shoe with unlimited air freshener.
  • Nose igloo.To leave press a button and the nose will blow you outside. You get free cleaning items in case it gets blocked or gets a cold.
  • A basement. You can have on its own or add it to any igloo.
  • Triple Story Igloo: (ID:54) - Go to any floor. Each floor can hold 99 item. Total items: 297.
  • Pig igloo,With Green walls inside.
  • Scientists Lab (Can hold 100 items and has a free item in it)
  • A poor persons igloo. Live in a rundown, small but well lit (Due to the candles that come free) shack for the bargin of 6000 coins
  • On fire igloo. The walls and roof of your igloo is on fire. Thankfully there's floorspace to walk around.
  • Taxi igloo.
  • Stew igloo. Cover yourself and your igloo in stew by pressing a certain button.
  • Choclate igloo.Eat your own igloo!
  • Yoshi igloo.Ride your own igloo!
  • Hotel Igloo. 5 rooms!
  • arcade room igloo.(you can buy this igloo and create arcades by the blank screened arcade in dance lounge just next to bits and bolts.)
  • a valcano igloo
  • Rockhopper Island igloo
  • Winter Fiesta Igloo (1500 Coins) (Description: You want a igloo with some fun? Combine summer and winter with this igloo! Buy this igloo with a neat little ice castle, and a little pool on the side, surrounded by palm trees!)
  • Ghost puffle treehouse (halloween party 2017)
  • Dimension Freeway Igloo. 8 Rooms! Main Room based off the Box Dimension. Each room can hold 810 items.

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