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Current Iceberg

Where Northeast of Club Penguin Island.
Opened March 29, 2006
Closed Still open
Mini-Games Aqua Grabber
Room ID 805
Tour Description
Here we are on the Iceberg. It might not look like much... but it's a jackhammering hot spot! You can also dive for treasure... in the Aqua Grabber!

The Iceberg is a location near Club Penguin Island. It is (as its name implies) an iceberg on the northeastern part of the island, and is considered a secret room, although it can be accessible via the Map, EPF Spy Phone, and Jet Pack Adventure. It is currently the only secret room visible on the Map, which means it is not marked with a roll-over label indicating its presence. To the east of the room is the Aqua Grabber which, once clicked on, allows you to play the game Aqua Grabber.

Tipping the Iceberg

Picture 184
Former moderator Muddy Ducky debunking the Iceberg Tipping myth.
Squidy2008Added by Squidy2008

Tons of penguins believe it is possible to tip the Iceberg, though a falsely successful attempt was in a WaddleOn video.[1]

However, penguins try daily to tip the Iceberg. They do this by attracting more people to come to the room and using hard hats to "drill" on the ice.

The closest idea to tip the Iceberg was it getting melted in the April Fools Party 2008.


Pins that were/are located there

A list of all the pins hidden in the Iceberg are listed below:


  • One of the 101 Days of Fun activities was to try to tip the Iceberg.
  • It is the only main room in Club Penguin that is not connected to the main island.
  • It may or may not be possible to tip the Iceberg, but while 30 penguins or more will be drilling using any hard hat, the Berg Drill! stamp can be obtained.
  • There is actually a C. megalodon (large prehistoric shark) frozen in the iceberg, as revealed at the Prehistoric Party 2013. This also explains why the iceberg has never moved and the iceberg's hump.
  • The Iceberg was first tipped on July 26th, 2013, in #WaddleOn Episode 3.
  • After the update on July 11, 2013, it can be seen from the Mine Shack; however, it can not be accessed from there.
  • In Issue 432 of the Newspaper, Aunt Arctic said there is a rumor about something swimming around the Iceberg, it could be the Megalodon from the Prehistoric Party 2014.
  • Gary said in a message on the Elite Spy Phone about a possible soon renovation of the iceberg.
  • It's the only place that you can't access by waddling.
  • The C. megalodon can be seen swimming to the left of the iceberg every hour.


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