The Hydro-Hopper Penguins

Full Name Unknown
Species Penguins
Position Hydro Hopper Driver, and Riders
Appeared Hydro-Hopper
Color Brown, Peach, Old Blue
Clothes Items Green Snorkel
Related To Unknown
Friends With Unknown
Meetable Character? No
Not to be confused with Hydro-Hopper Penguin.

The Hydro-Hopper Penguins are 3 penguins who appear in the mini-game Hydro-Hopper. One is a brown penguin that drives the boat, while 2 are the passengers. There is a less saturated old blue penguin and a peach penguin who wears the Green Snorkel.


  • On the old version of the game (what was not in Club Penguin), "Ballistic Biscuit", there were two humans on the boat instead of three penguins.