Hotel of the Living Sled
Club Penguin Hotel of the Living Sled

Club Penguin Hotel of the Living Sled

Genre Horror
Length 3:02
Season Night of the Living Sled series
Characters Living Sled Penguins, Living Sled
Series Night of the Living Sled
Release Date October 30, 2014

Hotel of the Living Sled is a spinoff film of the Night Of The Living Sled series, released by Club Penguin on October 30, 2014.

Official Description

Two penguins enter a seemingly harmless hotel on Halloween. The sled hasn't been seen for years and is presumed to be gone. What's the worst that can happen...


The camera pans down on a backdrop of the Plaza from the Halloween Party 2014. The Living Sled Penguins are then seen in Puffle Hotel Lobby, exploring the hotel. One of them jumps on the couch, while the other rides around on the luggage cart. The first penguin then falls off the couch, while the other penguins approaches him and exclaims "I like the toboggan over there!" The first penguin gets up, shaking, and replies that he does not see a sled. They then decide to explore the hotel more. Just as they leave, the Living Sled pops up from behind the reception desk, with a dramatic close-up. The penguins then walk through the Sitting Room. The Living Sled then appears behind a couch, as the penguins go to the Ballroom. The first penguin, still alert, continues following slowly behind the second penguin. The Living Sled appears again, this time behind a pillar. The penguins are now in the Dining Room, and they see a blur dash past them. The Sled then appears once more, and the penguins realize who the horrifying figure is, and start to run. They continue running through the Pool and the Library, as the Sled continues to chase them. They then run into the Deluxe Suite, but in their hasty retreat, don't realize the room does not have a floor. They fall far down, until they find themselves back in the lobby. The first penguin gets up and the second penguin tells him he slipped and hit his head, meaning the whole ordeal was all a dream. They continue exploring the hotel, but suddenly, the Living Sled appears once more behind the couch. The movie then ends.


  • If not counting the rough animatic of the fourth film, this is the first film in the Night of the Living Sled series in five years.
  • Instead of computer animation, puppetry has been used. According to Ninja, all of the animators were busy.
  • Ninja and Megg also released a making-of video on the official Club Penguin Facebook page.

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