Teen Beach Movie Summer Jam Highway

Where Beach
Opened August 22, 2013,
September 30, 2015
Closed September 5, 2013,
October 21, 2015
Mini-games None
Room ID 854
Tour Description
You've just rolled up to the highway......dudes and dudettes
Cruise by with some friends...or challenge them to a race!

The Highway was a party room that first appeared in the Teen Beach Movie Summer Jam and then the 10th Anniversary Party. It is a highway that gives you the ability to ride a motorcycle or any other vehicle item. However, without a vehicle, you would walk.



  • Along the highway, you would see typical signs like, "Speed Limit: 60", "Puffle's Crossing", "No parking" and "One way signs".
  • If you travelled long enough, you could go to the Exit Lane's which lead to the Beach, Cove, Plaza and the Town.

Items rideable

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