High Speed Getaway
CP HP 011

Plot The film involves an action hero jumping from helicopter explosions, buildings, and performing stunts.
Dates February 16, 2013
Characters Action Hero
Music Unknown
Background Yes (Action Scene Background)

High Speed Getaway is a film in Club Penguin. Many penguins helped film and direct it during the Hollywood Party. The set the movie was filmed in could be found at the Snow Forts during the party. Sensei was one of the penguins who helped make it.


A criminal is in a helicopter, then proceeds to enter (and later jump out the window of) a house. He then gets away in a police car. Strangely enough, the actual actor does not appear, but only his or her stunt penguin.


The Club Penguin Times critics gave High Speed Getaway a positive review.

"Buckle up your seat belt. Get a fire extinguisher. Bring a sandwich. Prepare yourself, as actors perform extreme, never before seen stunts."