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Herbert P. Bear
Herbert Pose

Full Name Herbert Percival Bear, Esquire
Species Polar Bear
Gender Male
Position Suspect at large for the EPF
Appeared See Herbert P. Bear/Appearances
Color White
Clothes Items Herbert's Eyebrows, Darth Herbert's Costume (as Darth Herbert), Herbert Mascot Card Nov 2013
Related To  ?
Friends With Klutzy
Meetable Character? Yes
Voiced/ Played By Dave B. Mitchell
Were you looking for Aunt Arctic's black puffle with the same first name?
You haven't seen the last of me.
— Herbert P. Bear

Herbert Percival Bear, Esquire (in-game known as Herbert P. Bear or Darth Herbert;[1] or just Herbert) is a polar bear and the main antagonist of Club Penguin (since his first appearance in mission 5). He is also one of the few main characters who isn't a penguin.

Unlike real-life polar bears, Herbert hates cold weather. He also cannot swim and is a vegetarian. Since his first appearance, Herbert has been trying to take over the Club Penguin Island and turn it into a warm island paradise.


Early life

Herbert was born in the Arctic Circle, but he hated the cold, so he wanted to head south to some place warm. He traveled on a small iceberg (possibly between 2006 to March 2007), but the ocean currents carried him all the way to Club Penguin Island, which coincidentally was on the other side of the world. He attempted to paddle away from Club Penguin since it was covered in snow, but he tipped his Iceberg (which further supported the rumor of tipping the Iceberg). Herbert was unable to swim, and he was rescued by a crab, named Klutzy (his current ally) who inhabited Club Penguin Island, of whom he soon befriended.[2]

Following his rescue at the hands of Klutzy, Herbert and the aforementioned crab escaped into the wilderness. They eventually found a cave that they deemed habitable. The pair quickly began refurbishing it to their standards; quickly adding traps, gadgets, doors, and various other house warming gifts to their new home.[2]

Suspect-at-Large for the PSA

Over time, he soon grew to despise penguins for their parties and loud music (possibly causing his villainy). He then thought up a plan to disrupt life for penguins in the island, instead of leaving Club Penguin to find another island, as he felt that it was a mistake to leave Club Penguin as he might end up in another cold place.

In March 2007, during PSA Mission 3: Case of the Missing Coins a coin magnet was found on the roof of the Gift Shop, directly above the vault. This caused the coins to be stuck to the roof, possibly a plot to steal the coins. Evidence later found at the scene of the crime was a tuft of white fur, which suggested Herbert as the main suspect.

In August 2007, during PSA Mission 4: Avalanche Rescue, an avalanche occurred on a mountain and four penguins were left stranded at the base of the mountain. While the penguins were being rescued, it was discovered that part of the Ski Lift from the Ski Village leading to the Ski Hill (formerly called the Mountain) was missing, a "belt" which rotated the gears to operate the lift, and it could not be used until the belt was replaced by another belt that was in the Sport Shop. At the place where it was supposedly stolen, another tuft of white fur was found, again, the evidence pointed at Herbert.


"Yikes! A polar bear!" - Mission 5 quote

In November 2007, during PSA Mission 5: Secret of the Fur Klutzy was caught by the PSA after there were reported sightings of "a mutant furry crab" which was Klutzy sitting on Herbert's back. However Herbert escaped into the Wilderness, leaving behind another tuft of white fur, which was later analyzed to be polar bear fur (which was obviously Herbert's).

In January 2008, Klutzy got away in PSA Mission 6: Questions for a Crab mission and was reunited with Herbert. In the sixth mission, Herbert, along with Klutzy, tried to destroy the Ski Lodge in one of his schemes to both keep warm and harm the penguins. However, the PSA Agent made it reverse, destroying it in the ice river and Herbert and Klutzy escapes. Also in Mission 6, he tells agents in captivity his story about his life. He also steals your Spy Phone when he traps you in a cage in Mission 6 (The cage is in a cave that Herbert and Klutzy live in). You used that same cave for shelter in Mission #2 except Herbert renovates it to be more of a living place. If players click on the letter in G's pocket in the newspaper (April 11, 2008 edition) and you turn all the Puffles black then you will see a letter Herbert has written to the players saying that "time" is about to run out.

This resulted in Mission 7 in which he makes the clock malfunction by taking out certain parts of it, including the main gear a few days after the letter was written. This makes him the "Suspect-At-Large" along with Klutzy.


Herbert and Klutzy in the Earthquake Driller.

In June 2008, during Mission 8, he creates a giant drill and tries to take the boiler from the Boiler Room, damaging the Gift Shop along the way. Eventually, he gets caught and accidentally damages the boiler. Then he runs off and gets lost in his own tunnels, but soon escapes again.

In October 2008, the Penguin Secret Agency finds Herbert's location using trackers which locate the stolen Spy Phone. During Mission 9 he is located by agents in a secret woodland base behind the Ski Lodge. The Secret Agents then set a trap for him and discover he is making a plan that involves puffles.

In December 2008 during Mission 10, Herbert is trying to steal a Golden Puffle from the Dance Club, not knowing it is a fake. A trap is set for him when he tries to get it and is caught. Unfortunately, he tricks Rookie, saying that he requests to make one last call. When Rookie gives him the phone, Herbert uses the teleport button to escape. It is unknown where he went. However, he left behind some type of seeds.

Destruction of the PSA, and encounters with the EPF

Main article: Club Penguin: Elite Penguin Force: Herbert's Revenge

In May 2010 during Mission 11 he hacks into the PSA data and nearly reveals it to the whole island. Using the computer that he stole from the Gift Shop Manager's Room, he was about to reveal the secret of the PSA, when the agent stops him by pulling the plug of the computer. Then he teleports a 'gift' and the agent to the HQ. The "gift" turns out to be a Popcorn Time Bomb. It was programmed to give a major blast, soon after the Agents find out, they managed to escape safely, along with an EPF agent, Dot the Disguise Gal. However, the bomb destroyed the Sports Shop and all the rooms connected to it. The building was later reopened as the Everyday Phoning Facility.

In the aftermath of the explosion a few days later, Herbert then was seen measuring the Ice Rink by Agent Rookie. Rookie reports it to the HQ and the Agency sends the Secret Agent disguised as Klutzy. The agent (in Klutzy's costume) infiltrates Herbert's lair, but he is eventually caught by Herbert, but the agent manages to escape.

Herbert, in anger that his HQ was infiltrated, makes a hole in the Ice Rink (to lure the agents there). The EPF Agency arrives there, but they were "captured" by Herbert and he takes them to the mountains. He revealed his plan that he builds a "Mega-Magnifying Glass", which he uses the Sun's rays and change the cold island into a warm tropical one. (If he uses the sun's rays to heat the island the island will probably melt. This is one of his careless mistakes). The agent collects blocks of ice and reverses the light from the Magnifying glass and then breaks the magnifying glass. All the agents escape and Herbert's plans are foiled again. Herbert then learns about the EPF after this mission.

Herbert then built a hot-air balloon and was flying around the island. Luckily, none of the penguins noticed him. Then, a geyser in the Mine Shack erupts because of his Manynifying Glass' heat, and the cap hits Herbert's balloon, making Herbert to get stuck in the Ski Lift. The geyser also floods the Club Penguin Island. He is rescued by the Elite Agents, and Herbert gradually agrees to save Club Penguin, although just to help himself. Herbert drops his own statue in the geyser hole, and the hole is blocked. But, however, as he dropped the statue, the balloon gets haywire and lands in the Toughest Mountain, where he builds his lair.

Suspect-at-Large of the EPF and captivity

From January to April 2011, Herbert frequently attacked the EPF mainframe with bots, which started the game System Defender. He repaired the Ultimate Proto-Bot 10000, which was destroyed by the EPF. They both soon made an alliance to defeat EPF. However, the Protobot was interested in destroying the EPF, not defeating it. Herbert wanted to defeat the EPF, not destroy and he wanted to do it himself. So, he revealed the location of the Protobot, and the EPF agents dismantled the Protobot..

In May, Herbert attacked the Everyday Phoning Facility to destroy the EPF Command Room using Hydra Bots, resulting in Battle of Doom. The Secret Agent destroys the Hydra-Bots, and Herbert and Klutzy escape.

In August, in the game System Defender, Herbert tried to destroy the EPF mainframe once and for all. Secretly, G and the Director had planned for Herbert to do this, so that they could track him to his hideout, and commence Operation: Hibernation on August 25. The agents broke into his hideout, passed through Herbert's security system (which consisted of locked doors, infrared lasers and cameras) and then trapped him in a transparent box. The operation was a success, but Klutzy escaped in the process.

Later, during the Holiday Party 2011 in December, Klutzy returned to Herbert, to give him a Christmas gift of a Santa Hat. Klutzy escaped again shortly thereafter.

At the start of the Underwater Expedition due to the partial Island submergence accidentally caused by Rookie, the hibernation setup was disturbed and the submergence as a result carried Herbert out of the Classified Area whilst on his chair into the ocean.

Supreme Ruler of Club Herbert

Main article: Operation: Blackout
Herbert Destroys Phoning Facility

Herbert and the destroyed Everyday Phoning Facility.

On November 8, 2012, Herbert kidnapped Gary the Gadget Guy and froze him in his newly built fortress, which he moves into after Puffle Trouble. A week later on November 15, he takes over Club Penguin Island, and turns it into Club Herbert. He puts up giant statues of himself, destroyed the Everyday Phoning Facility (eventually destroying the VR Room), covers the buildings in snow, makes undesirable laws and blackens the sun using his High Frequency Infrared Reversion Laser. The sunlight was used to warm up his lair, something that he had desired for a long time. However the temperature dropped significantly by more than 3 times the regular temperature, causing extra snow to fall and the island grew bitterly cold. EPF Agents are aware of his sinister new plots, and secretly infiltrated his fortress to stop him. Herbert then kidnapped Agent Dot and Rookie within 5 days.

Herbert's plots reached its peak when he captured Jet Pack Guy and The Director, which means he has captured all leads of the EPF, and made the island colder. He thought he captured all the EPF agents, but he did not capture you. All the buildings were covered in snow and the agents had shut down all his Security Terminals, destroyed the laser, and the sun was visible again, re-warming and saving the island.

Once you finished the lock puzzle a video pops up that shows Herbert shouting in defeat, upset that his greatest plan yet has ceased to be after the destruction of the solar laser. Many penguins cheered that the blackout was over. The Director then thanked you for saving the island and revealed her true identity: Aunt Arctic. Herbert along with Klutzy then escaped to the wilderness. With the sunlight back, the extra snow melted on December 6, returning the island to normal, and the Elite Penguin Force began rebuilding. It was just in time for the Holiday Party 2012.

Hot Sauce Theft

Main article: Operation: Hot Sauce

Herbert, as seen from the Cove Binoculars after his base flooded.

Possibly upset about his defeat during Operation: Blackout, Herbert attacked the Pizza Parlor in April 2013, vandalized it and stole large amounts of Hot Sauce. To store it, he built a lair with an invisible entrance at the shores of the Beach. He was sure his lair could not be found, but the EPF Agent used the TraceTracker 3000 to find the secret entrance. The agent fooled Klutzy by throwing a pizza on the "Flood" switch of Herbert's new invention. Klutzy, who was hungry, jumped on the switch, and Herbert's lair flooded.

Darth Herbert

Darth Herbert

Darth Herbert

Main article: Star Wars Takeover

During the Star Wars Takeover, Darth Herbert, an evil Sith Lord working for the Galactic Empire came to Club Penguin Island with the Death Star. He had the same first name as Herbert P. Bear. During the party he acquired a Red Lightsaber, Sith Armor, and the Death Star. He also hired Stormtroopers and Bounty Hunters to defeat the Jedi alliance and kidnap Princess Leia.[3] It is later revealed that he actually worked under Emperor Palpatine. He started making Mascot appearances on August 1, 2013. Eventually, on August 8, his Death Star was destroyed, and Darth Herbert escaped in a starfighter just before it exploded.

Brainwashing Puffles

Main article: Operation: Puffle

Herbert's website was updated shortly after the Star Wars Takeover with a teaser of his next plan. He was spotted in the Halloween Party 2013 trailer, holding a book about puffles. On November 1, 2013, the Elite Penguin Force found suspicious "Herbert-sized footprints" in the Wilderness. On November 7, 2013, he raided the Boiler in the Boiler Room, stole pipes and opened the rear of the boiler and left with a track of wet footprints. Later, Herbert kidnapped the Keeper of the Boiler Room, Keeper of the Stage, Plok and the Black Puffle in the Mine. He broke into the Indestructible Containment Environment, a secret EPF storage location, and stole the "Puffle Transmogrifier", a failed invention by Gary the Gadget Guy. Klutzy stole a coin-operated dial from the furnace.

He made a heater to keep himself warm, but because of the fact that Klutzy's coin-operated dial is the only way to power it up, he made the "Brain-Box". It was used to force puffles to dig up coins, which he would use to power the machine to warm himself. The EPF set up an Outpost in the Wilderness, and the EPF agents began chasing puffles to collect the microchips from their "Brain-Box"; then safely capture the puffles and return them. From November 21 to 30, they began chasing each kind of puffle each day at different locations. The EPF finally knew Herbert's plans, when Dot sneaked into Herbert's Hoard Lair and heard the conversation between him and Klutzy.

Puffles Stop Evil Herbert

Herbert being carried away by puffles.

On November 30, the last species of puffles were freed, and the EPF Agent, with the microchips sneaked into his lair. Herbert suspecting the EPF's arrival had set up a "Ring-of-fire" trap. He successfully captures the secret agent, and mocks him and then starts to play solitaire, while Klutzy inserted coins to the heater. The clever agent, unnoticed breaks into the air vents (which was installed to keep the agent hot) and then goes to the other entrance, hidden behind a stack of coins. The agent finds the shutdown system, and inserts the microchips, and disrupts the signal, which ends the hypnotizing of puffles.. Herbert, was then carried away by an extremely large swarm of freed puffles. The large amount of coins he stole was donated to Coins for Change, a suggestion by Rockhopper.

On September 11, 2014, sources from issue 465 of the Club Penguin Times claimed that Klutzy found Herbert in a cave deep in the wilderness.

On November 5, 2014 was updated, revealing that Herbert's current location is in his original cave base.

Halloween Party 2015

In the middle of the 10th Anniversary Party, Herbert sent a question to Gary under the alias "Notta Bare", asking Gary how he built the MascBots. A week later the MascBots started behaving strangely, and spoke in bizarre fashions. Once the Halloween Party 2015 started, the MascBots were out of control. After they were all deactivated, the Rookie Bot accidentally revealed the location of Herbert's lair- under the Coffee Shop. There, he is building a giant robot modeled after himself named the Herbot, where he plans to team up with his robot to take over the island. However, the robot turns on him, trapping Herbert and Klutzy in a cage, wanting all the glory for itself, although with the help of Gary, the robot is defeated, and Herbert and Klutzy then make an escape.

Operation: Crustacean

Herbert makes an appearance during Operation: Crustacean as he is looking for his friend, Klutzy, who has recently gone missing. Upon learning about the EPF's investigation into the disappearances of penguins, he asks Jet Pack Guy for help to find his friend. Jet Pack Guy entrusts his colleague, the player, into helping him find Klutzy. When they successfully find the crab on board the UFO, Herbert quickly grabs Klutzy and a purple meteorite (presumably the UFO's source of power) and leaves through the escape pod.

Operation: Tri-umph

During Operation: Tri-umph, Herbert devises a plan to use lasers to blast, shrink, and steal the color from the island. During the 3rd week, players go into the Cave Maze to stop Herbert's machine.


Herbert has gone through a rather large amount of character development, and his personality has changed drastically since his first appearance. When he lived in the Arctic Circle, he seemed nice enough, and enjoyed his life there, but he longed to be warmer. After he left the Arctic Circle and found Club Penguin Island, although he started as a simple nuisance looking for warmth, his personality has evolved to be more cruel, stingy, tyrannical, and dictator-like, as seen during Operation: Blackout. At least part of this can be blamed on the Elite Penguin Force for their part in freezing Herbert. Herbert began as a somewhat clumsy and unintentionally funny character, although he now seems rather cynical. Klutzy, in turn of this also appears as less funny and now as more of a serious henchman. Herbert finds penguins and puffles both very annoying, and vows to destroy them and turn the island into his own paradise. He has been known to be nice sometimes, like when he helps the Elite Penguin Force save the island in Club Penguin: Elite Penguin Force: Herbert's Revenge.

Appearance as a Mascot

Herbert appeared as a mascot in Operation: Blackout, Star Wars Takeover, Operation: Puffle, during November 2015, one week before Operation: Crustacean, and during Operation: Tri-umph. He gave away a free background and has his own stamp.

Appearance in Jetpack Boost

Herbert Jetpack Boost

In the Club Penguin App exclusive game Jetpack Boost, Herbert appears in a large hot air balloon, shooting giant snowballs at the player.


Main article: Herbert HQ (disambiguation)

Herbert had a variety of bases in the Wilderness of the Club Penguin Island. Here they are:

  1. Herbert's Base
  2. Underground Tunnels
  3. Herbert's Camp
  4. Herbert's Corn Base
  5. Herbert's Lair
  6. Herbert's Mountain Hideout
  7. Herbert's Mountain Lab (Puffle Trouble)
  8. Herbert's Fortress (Operation: Blackout)
  9. Herbert's Hot Sauce Lair (Operation: Hot Sauce)
  10. Death Star (Star Wars Takeover)
  11. Herbert's Hoard Lair (Operation: Puffle)
  12. Herbert's Halloween Lair (Halloween Party 2015)


Main article: Herbert P. Bear/Quotes

In the Club Penguin Animated Short Series


Herbert spotted in The Party Starts Now music video.

Herbert, along with his evil side-kick Klutzy, is seen among the crowd at The Stage. ("Best Seat In The House")

Herbert had a secret lab in the mountains. He used to live there after the big escape in January 2012, in which he invented a detonator bomb that exploded a cream soda tank. Many puffles then foiled his scheme before he could release it on the EPF. ("Puffle Trouble")

Herbert has a short split second appearance with, causing the power to go out. ("The Party Starts Now")

Herbert is seen leaning on a tree, holding a piece of paper with a crossed-out sun. This was because of the upcoming mission, Operation: Blackout. ("Ghosts Just Wanna Dance")

Herbert appears doing the dance from Herbert Style! in an elevator in the Puffle Hotel. ("Puffle Party (Gotta Have a Wingman)")

Herbert's Inventions


The "Herbert & Klutzy" power card in action.

Main article: List of Herbert's Inventions

Herbert P. Bear has created multiple machines to arouse chaos in Club Penguin Island. He has made a Mechanical Woodchopper, an Earthquake Driller, and he put together the Electromagnet 3000. He created the "Popcorn Bomb" which destroyed the PSA's HQ and rebuilt the Ultimate Proto-Bot 10000. He created the High Frequency Infrared Reversion Laser to dark the sun and eventually starting Operation: Blackout. He also created the Cream Soda Sticky Bomb of Doom, and later the Hot Sauce Machine.


Herbert & Klutzy card

"Herbert & Klutzy" power card.

  • Herbert is the first and only known polar bear in Club Penguin.
  • As a mascot, Herbert looks the way he does because of the item Herbert's Eyebrows. Without them, he is actually a plain, white penguin as it is revealed in some people's videos of them meeting Herbert.
  • During the Holiday Party 2011, Herbert wore a Santa Hat, as seen in the EPF Monitor. Klutzy somehow entered the monitor, too. It is believed that Klutzy bought Herbert all items which he is using inside the trap.
  • Many penguins thought he was long gone, but since he appeared in Puffle Trouble, and returned to the Lighthouse on the homepage on May 4, he was confirmed to be awake.
  • He named himself as "Illustrious Leader Supreme of Club Herbert" when he conquered the island in Operation: Blackout.
  • Herbert is scared of the Night of the Living Sled movies according to a comic in the Club Penguin Magazine.
  • In Mission 11, he claims he is "smarter than the average polar bear", a reference to Yogi Bear.
  • Herbert is one of the only known characters in the Club Penguin Universe that understands crabs along with Rookie.
  • Originally, Club Penguin was planning on three polar bear villains, but instead they came up with Herbert.[4]
  • During the Star Wars Takeover, Herbert was temporarily renamed to "Darth Herbert".
  • In the DS game, Club Penguin: Elite Penguin Force. Herbert is absent from the whole game. But in Club Penguin: Elite Penguin Force: Herbert's Revenge he is present.
  • During the Star Wars Takeover Herbert did not seem to have any knowledge of the EPF, or even Klutzy for that matter. It's possible that he was just pretending or there was something wrong with him, or Herbert during the Star Wars Takeover is from a different universe.
  • Herbert appears in #WaddleOn Episode 8. It is revealed that he likes to smell his feet while in his lair.
  • Herbert enjoys Seaweed Pizza.
  • It's possible he does not know Rainbow Puffles and Golden Puffles exist, as revealed in Operation: Puffle.
  • He may be a hoarder, given the name of his lair and giveaway.
  • Unlike real polar bears which are carnivores, he is a vegetarian. However, there are times when polar bears have been reported eating plants, particularly during summer, when they resort to eating grass due to a lack of ice to help them catch seals.
  • In We Wish You a Merry Walrus, it is mentioned that Herbert owns his own company named Herbert P. Bear Enterprises.
  • He seems to have a habit of being unable to remember names. He has called Jet Pack Guy "Jet Pack George", Dot "Spot", Rookie "Ricky" and Rockhopper "Blockstopper".[5]


Main article: Herbert P. Bear/Gallery

Names in other languages

Language Name
PortugueseHerbert P Bear
FrenchHerbert P Bear

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