Herbert HQ
Operation Hot Sauce Herbert HQ

Where Under the Beach
Opened April 5, 2013
Closed April 18, 2013
Mini-games None
Room ID 851
Tour Description
For other Herbert HQs, please see Herbert HQ (disambiguation).

Herbert HQ was a party room and Herbert P. Bear's lair for Operation: Hot Sauce, which was located under the Beach. Herbert transported the giant bottle of Hot Sauce from the Pizza Parlor to use it on his Hot Sauce 3000, for unknown reasons. Agents could enter his lair after following the clues with help of the TraceTracker 3000 (or TraceTracker 100, in the case of non-members) and defeat him by throwing pizza at the button that said "Flood", which causes Klutzy to step on it, flooding the lair, and effectively destroying the lair.


  • This room was only open to yourself when you entered it. This is not a multiplayer room.
  • This room can be seen on the Operation Hot Sauce Background.


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