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Herbert's Hoard Lair
Operation Puffle Herbert's Hoard Lair

Where Inside the waterfall in the Ice Falls
Opened November 30, 2013
Closed December 3, 2013
Mini-games Unknown
Room ID 860
Tour Description
This was where Herbert was defeated and the puffles were freed. What happened here is top secret, but there are rumors that the EPF does not know where the puffles took him.

Herbert's Hoard Lair was Herbert P. Bear's hideout during Operation: Puffle.


Herbert's computer was located to the lower right of the room. The room was littered with enormous stashes of coins. The lair contained a tube system near the ceiling for puffles to enter the room to deliver coins that they had dug up, and exit so they can continue their work. There was a giant hot sauce bottle (similar to the one inside the Pizza Parlor) that had been imported, in the middle of the room. The bottle was connected to a large machine which performed the task of heating the lair, when a coin is inserted. To the upper left, there was a small platform with a staircase leading down to the main floor. The platform also contained a ventilation system leading to the other side of the room.

How To Defeat Herbert


  • Herbert's Hoard Lair was located inside the waterfall, in the Ice Falls room.
  • This was the third time Herbert has had in his possession a hot sauce bottle inside one of his hideouts, the second during Operation: Hot Sauce and the first in his original base.
  • Like Herbert's three previous lairs (as seen during Operation: Hibernation, Operation: Blackout and Operation: Hot Sauce), this one featured Herbert's pink slippers in front of his armchair.
  • Once Herbert was defeated, he was carried away by a swarm of freed puffles. This was similar to what happened when puffles swarmed into his base in the Puffle Trouble short.
  • After the player had defeated Herbert, the player could access this room with other penguins (solo room to a multiplayer room).

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