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Herbert's Fortress

Where A Lonely Mountain
Opened November 15, 2012
Closed December 6, 2012
Mini-games N/A
Room ID 851–857
Tour Description

Herbert's Fortress was Herbert P. Bear's base for Operation: Blackout, and the center of government in Club Herbert.

He used this fortress to hold captured members of the EPF such as Gary, Dot, Jet Pack Guy, Rookie and the Director (Aunt Arctic). Inside the fortress are a series of vents that take you to different Security Terminals. Players had to hack these in order to open five locks to enter the Central Command Room and self-destruct the High Frequency Infrared Reversion Laser to save the island.

After the solar ray was destroyed, the fortress was set on self-destruct and wasn't seen again after Operation: Blackout.



The base was located on a mountain called "A Lonely Mountain" which was quite near the Ski Hill and the Ski Village. It was surrounded by dense jungle.


Known residents



  • The Solar Laser, which Herbert used to block out the sun, was located here.
  • It was thought to be on the Toughest Mountain, but was confirmed to be on A Lonely Mountain.
  • Before the Death Star was built, this was Herbert's most advanced and most obvious hideout.




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