Herbert's Corn Base
Herber's Corn Base

Where Possibly on top of the hill at the Cove
Opened PSA Mission 11
Closed Still open
Mini-games None
Room ID N/A
Tour Description
For other bases used by Herbert, please see Herbert HQ (disambiguation).

Herbert's Corn Base location was found in PSA Mission 11. It also made an appearance in Herbert's Revenge. It's located on a small hill, possibly on top of the hill at the Cove. At the entrance, it has two torches and a ladder that can be pulled up and down by a lever. It was temporarily Herbert P. Bear's main base of operations.


  • The base has almost nothing in it, just a wooden desk, with the Gift Shop Computer and a small arcade game on it.
  • From here, Herbert teleported the Popcorn Bomb that destroyed the P.S.A..


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